Verizon Home Products land on Mobile Portal


I’ve seen several demos of pre-release Verizon FiOS TV remote DVR scheduling via dedicated mobile applications. But tonight an anonymous Lakers fan tipped me off to a live, handset-agnostic mobile web portal… that will support a variety of Verizon home services.

Despite the “beta” designation, Kobe our tipster was able to successfully log into FiOS TV Central on, browse or search for shows, and schedule recordings with real-time confirmation. He was also able to flag VOD titles for later viewing.

My initial impression of the Verizon Hub wasn’t entirely positive (I’d rather have a touchscreen Eee Top in my kitchen), but it’s promising to see that remote, cellphone access is on the roadmap. Pulling home voicemail while mobile would come in handy, although I’m not sure how much value call logs will provide on the go. (Related, Boy Genius reports the Hub will see an update that brings “streaming radio” later this month.)

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  1. This is great. I was worried when this was rolled out it wouldn’t work on the iPhone, but it does.

    A feature I wish it had is the ability to set up a series recording.

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