CES 2009: Day 3 Summary

After a few days of pre-show activities, the main CES venues finally opened for business. Both Mari and I visited several exhibitors large and small at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and the Sands Expo and Convention Center. And we’re now set with a sizeable backlog of content we’d like to get up. So, as in years past, it’s safe to assume our “CES coverage” will extend beyond the actual show dates and we are now running at least 24 hours behind real-time.

All day, buzz swirled about Palm’s new device and OS announcement – reminiscent of the (Macworld) iPhone introduction at CES 2007. Of course, it’s yet to be seen if this energy and hype will translate into a successful product launch and sales. (Palm shareholders are predicting it.) My personal CES journey began at the CntrStg blogger lounge in the Wynn, followed by time in the Sands before heading to the continent-sized LVCC, and then back to the Wynn in the evening for the ShowStoppers press event.

Technical (and health) challenges continue… A new 8GB SD card is unreadable by camera (will attempt a computer format at some point) and my hosting provider decided prime CES blogging hours would be a great time to take ZNF down a few hours for server maintenance. But we’re nothing if not persistent, and we’ll keep on truckin’. Hopefully, that means more posts out of us on Day 4. And, without further ado, here’s our earlier coverage:


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  • @b_marriner Apple’s already let VoIP clients into the iTunes App store: Fring and Trufone. But I want Skype, directly. Not relayed.
  • Seriously, the Yahoo Widget TV initiaitive looks to be a homerun. Got some pics last night, will get them up w/ more info today.
  • And Slacker lands on the Blackberry. Shot a few pics before flying out to CES. That’ll go up, too.
  • Hoping I left my camera battery charger at home, and not lost at the show. Hope I can milk this charge a few more days.
  • Anyone at CES need an extra ticket to the Jeopardy screening Saturday evening? DM me and it’s yours. If you can find me. (ShowStoppers?)
  • Just swung by Vizio here in Wynn. Love the QWERTY remote prototype. http://twitpic.com/10t3r
  • Finally made it to the @cntrstg blogger lounge. Unlike the official overflowing press/blogger lounges, it’s nice and quiet here.
  • Eye-Fi founder Ziv is presenting here @cntrstg. I’m already a fan, but nice to get more background. (YouTube support coming.)
  • Having lunch with Ben Drawbaugh at the Diegeo Moxi press conference. http://twitpic.com/10u5b
  • Mari just gave 2009 tech predictions/trends on camera for an LA affiliate. Go Team ZNF!
  • Ran into Mike K of Hacking Netflix at Boxee booth in Sands.
  • Media Temple will be taking down the server cluster ZNF is hosted on at 9pm for 2-4 hours. BS. After CES, MT is being replaced by Mosso.
  • Bumped into Ed Hardy (Brighthand) who showed me his Palm pre photos. Looks sharp, hope it delivers. And finds a market.
  • No Yahoo tent (and icecream) this year, just a subdued meeting cubicle buried deep in the show floor trenches. http://twitpic.com/10wby
  • Swung by TiVo’s booth for a few minutes. http://twitpic.com/10xsg
  • @TylerPruitt Defintely had a time zone mixup on my end… I’m missing that *3D* BCS title game. Have fun in Paris.
  • Skype rep at ShowStoppers confirmed to me an iPhone client is on development and it’s a “priority.”
  • Since my host is taking ZNF down, I think I’ll relax by catching up on Palm Pre coverage. And will blog hard in the AM.

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  1. While you’re there, see if you can get Verizon to put a firm date on enabling the e-sata port for expanded storage…their HME DVR is looking very attractive now that I’m moving into FiOS territory.

  2. The best place to corner my FiOS TV contacts is not on the chaotic show floor in Vegas. Last I heard they were working on a solution for 2009. I’ll ping them in a few weeks once we’re back home and recovered.

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