SlingCatcher Updates On The Way

The early SlingCatcher reviews were decidedly mixed. But, after speaking with project manager Matthew Feinstein last night, I’ve got decent news for owners and potential customers: Both Slingbox PRO HD high definition and networked drive streaming are on tap for Q1. Slingbox PRO HD resolutions will bumped up from 640×480 to 1280×540… with the ultimate goal of hitting 1920×1080 later in the year. The Catcher’s initial support for streaming files over the LAN will be limited to SMB shares, although uPnP is also on the roadmap. And, speaking of that roadmap, Mac OS X SlingSync and SlingProjector software is under development.

3 thoughts on “SlingCatcher Updates On The Way”

  1. Nice to see full HD will be coming, but that still doesn’t solve the one issue…..most internet providers just are not offering fast enough upload speeds. I feel good right now when I hit 1Mps. I love my slings though, can’t imagine life w/out havint hem now.

  2. Network streaming from SMB is certainly encouraging. The 540p resolution cap is unfortunate– does it apply to streamed HD files as well?

    Also any plans to support h264 in MKV containers?

  3. I am officially confused by all the different SlingNames. Can someone make a chart with the feature or product name, it’s basic function, basic spec and whether it’s currently mac or pc and keep it updated.

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