Slacker Internet Radio Extends to the Television

The Slacker Internet radio experience has just landed within Sony’s Bravia ecosystem. Owners of select Bravia HDTVs and the Bravia Internet Video Link ($300) media extender can now stream music from Mari’s favorite online source. Similar in concept to Pandora’s Samsung Blu-ray player offering, this free Slacker service joins a variety of online content providers, such as Amazon Video on Demand (pay) and YouTube (free), on Sony’s platform. As with Slacker’s browser-based and portable hardware options, millions of licensed songs can be streamed from over “100 individually programmed genre music stations.” Though, I’m continuing to hold out for the soon-to-be-released Blackberry app

4 thoughts on “Slacker Internet Radio Extends to the Television”

  1. I dont see why TiVo doesnt offer something like this…I know rhapcity and all, but if should be free with ads being displayed on the tivo interface.

  2. Rhapsody is actually a pretty decent deal and a subscription will cover multiple platforms/devices. But I guess it’s not as good a deal as free.

    What I find amusing is the iTunes store sells video and the Internet Video link streams music. Interesting how these things evolve and even smart companies don’t have complete foresight.

  3. After reading Gizmodo’s review of all the Bravia devices, including Internet Video Link, I had the same question most everyone else did — why in the world does PS3 not have the functionality of Internet Video Link???

  4. Slacker and Rhapsody are not redundant services. Slacker streams music without the user having to manage much of anything. Rhapsody also streams and has a wider catalog, but their streams tend to be merely “genre”-related. I like having both on the Squeezebox Duet, and Slacker would be an obvious addition to Tivo. However, I don’t understand the Bravia video link, because it’s compatible only with Sony televisions. That just seems stupid. I wonder if Sony considered making the PS3 compatible only with Sony TVs.

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