Samsung Blu-ray Deck Gets Netflix and Pandora

Dave Zatz —  October 23, 2008

While some appear content to sit on the sidelines, Netflix and Pandora continue their digital living room encroachment. Both streaming services are now available to the Samsung BD-P2550 Blu-ray player (~$400) via a firmware update. Netflix’s standard def library (over 12,000 movie and television titles, according to NewTeeVee) is free to existing DVD rental subscribers on unlimited plans, and Pandora’s humungous audio library is free to all.

6 responses to Samsung Blu-ray Deck Gets Netflix and Pandora

  1. I’ve been tormented about which blu-ray player to get. Any extra features built in like this make the decision even tougher for me…

  2. Dave, are you now going to start off every relevant article with “While some appear content to sit on the sidelines”? ;)

  3. Nah, I mostly got it out of my system… for now. ;) And apologies to Brent for roping his post in without his knowledge. It just seemed so topical, especially since Boxee will run on Apple TV.

  4. No apologies needed Dave. I didn’t even catch the Pandora part of the story – it’s one of those newsie things that is all over the internet in a few hours and is appropriate on both sites.

  5. How do I get the activation code to use for Netflix using my Samsung Blu Ray BD-P 1590 device?

  6. colletta bryant May 14, 2011 at 1:27 am

    how do i get the activation code