Dell (via Zing) Preps Something…

Sansa ConnectThe WSJ is out with a story that Dell may be re-entering the portable music player market (and perhaps more) later this year by leveraging their Zing acquisition – the folks behind the Sirius Stiletto and Sansa Connect. While it’s pre-mature to discuss any potential products, services, or strategies in detail, I’ve been cleared to acknowledge some hands on time with a prototype. And where these guys are taking things has me extremely fired up. Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Dell (via Zing) Preps Something…”

  1. Hey, there’s room in this market for another player, and Apple could use a *real* competitor. And its becoming obvious the Zune ain’t it…

    First, you need to offer an integrated service. Open source the thing, support plugins, etc. iTunes isn’t impossible to beat, its just that nobody trys very hard. The software on the thing has got to be GREAT. iTunes isn’t great, its just better than everything else.

    Multiplatform support–Windows and Mac at least, must be there from day one.

    You must pay a lot of attention to the user interface. Again, the iPod isn’t perfect, just very good. Think really hard about the interface, every button, how responsive it is, etc.

    Plan to release software frequently. People will forgive you if features are missing if you move quickly and those features might be coming soon enough. This is where the Zune is falling down.

    Do something the iPod doesn’t do. Integrate a satellite radio tuner say, and allow you to record shows.

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