Apple Follows Amazon’s Lead

itunes99cent.jpgApple has followed Amazon Unbox’s lead in offering weekly 99 movie rental specials. Call it a loss leader – these sales reinforce their respective movie rental service offerings. When we still had the bedroom 32″ SDTV, we often enjoyed Amazon’s discounted films via TiVo. (Though we haven’t enjoyed watching them on our HDTVs – letter and pillar-boxes? Please!) It’s not yet clear if iTunes will offer multiple weekly selections like Amazon (did), or if the sale will be limited to one select feature as it is this week (The Hours).

3 thoughts on “Apple Follows Amazon’s Lead”

  1. Need an inverted model for craptacular “films” like The Hours and Transformers – they pay me 99 cents to watch ’em. Catch me in a good mood and I would be open to something like:

    “New from Unbox – sit all the way through The Hours and get a free MP3 download!”

    TiVos “attention monitor” thing is already built into the box, so they’ll know if I changed the channel.

  2. Amazon often usually had one or two decent films available each week for 99 cents. Though, I can’t recall any of them! But I hear you on Transformers… man, I have no idea how that movie made so much money. Spider Man 3 sucked, too! Where are all the good films? THIS is why I haven’t been compelled to replace my projector – going on 2.5 years.

  3. Good films? “No Country for Old Men” is the best film I’ve seen in years! Too cerebral? Try “In Bruges”. Its VERY funny… “The Kite Runner” is also very good. “Once” might be the best musical of all time! Or “Eastern Promises” with that scary naked knife fight in the sauna. Or “Into the Wild”. Or …

    (there were good films last year, maybe you just didn’t see any of them… p.s. I agree Spiderman 3 sucked)

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