TiVo Rolls Out Fall Software Update


Over on TiVo Lovers, I caught news that TiVo has begun rolling out their Fall 2007 software update (9.1). Other than the advanced Boolean Wishlist searches, most of the visible enhancements appear to be pretty minor. Guess TiVoToGo, Multi-Room Viewing, and eSATA storage support for Series3/HD will be part of the “Winter” update? November’s quickly approaching…

Since I’m on the road, I hadn’t spent any time looking at TiVo system messages – but I did check last night. And as you can see from the pics, our bedroom Series2 received the 9.1 update.





5 thoughts on “TiVo Rolls Out Fall Software Update”

  1. Boolean? Finally? Excellent! That’s been something I’ve wanted for years from TiVo.

    I think my life is complete. Well, maybe not, but boolean is pretty damn nice to finally have.

  2. Well, they don’t call it Boolean… but that’s exactly what it looks like to me. Pair items (in different categories even) and/or exclude items.

    The problem that they have to fix now is SwivelSearch. It feels glued on, not entirely integrated. Regular search, Wishlists, and Swivel need to be combined into one app.

  3. As for MRV/TTG – note that 9.1 is incompatible with older units for MRV. If you have a box on 9.1 it cannot MRV with boxes not yet updated – they all need to be 9.1. So it looks like they’ve made some changes to MRV under the covers – and I’m betting that’s for the S3/HD.

    It could be ready in the software and just need them to flip the bits to enable it on the backend once everyone is updated.

  4. Maybe October is the new November? ;)

    Its very likely everything is in there, waiting to be found ;) or turned on. They are not going to send out another upgrade to the entire installed base in another 6 weeks. If you think about it, by the time this one gets to everybody it will be almost November – and TiVo usually considers something released after everyone has gotten it.

    I hope they release by account, because folks with multiple S2s will be temporarily inconvenienced by the MRV incompatibility otherwise.

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