Sony’s New LocationFree Devices Delayed

For those of you thinking about picking up a new LocationFree device, you’re in for a bit of a wait. The Slingbox competitor, originally due next week, has been delayed and no new release date was announced. As long as they don’t ship with exploding batteries or a rootkit, we can wait — right? ;)

AP writes: She said more tests were needed to adapt its remote controller to more models of DVD recorders and other machines the product will connect with. When asked about risks to its reputation by delaying a product, Eto said Sony decided a delay was better if the product will be compatible with more of the latest models.

As an aside, maybe I should have guessed a delay was imminent. At DigitalLife the Sony rep was somewhat sketchy when I started quizzing him about the LocationFree receiver… He said it was a prop and when I started messing with the remote a Japanese menu popped up. Can anyone translate? Is this the television menu, the LocationFree Receiver menu, or something else?


2 thoughts on “Sony’s New LocationFree Devices Delayed”

  1. I think it says ‘There’s nothin’ sweeter than a Sony Bravia XBR2 to go with your Slingbox, errrr… vaporware, errrrr… Sony Location Free thingy.’

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