Logitech Acquires Slim Devices, Dave Acquires Squeezebox


In a strange twist of fate, both Logitech and I acquired Slim Devices on the same day. Though, I assume Logitech’s acquisition will last a bit longer than the 30 days I get with the Squeezebox. Given how well Logitech has integrated the Canadian business responsible for Harmony remotes, I’m expecting good things from this merger. Slim Devices products will see a (much larger) retail distribution, that they couldn’t muster on their own, and it’s reasonable to expect prices to eventually creep down. Additionally, I expect Logitech to work SlimServer software into other products such as their new Wireless DJ Music System — which happened to impress me at DigitalLife.

7 thoughts on “Logitech Acquires Slim Devices, Dave Acquires Squeezebox”

  1. So who can you get on the internet?

    Internet Radio

    “Always-on” Internet Radio, powered by SqueezeNetwork, lets you tune in to Internet Radio streams even when the home PC is switched off.
    Quick selection from hundreds of Internet Radio streams offered by Slim Devices’ partners.

  2. For me, the value isn’t random Internet “radio” stations — the value is streaming my personal audio collection to a device with a remote (and display)… what the Airport Express should have been. I had a similar device a couple of years go, the Roku Soundbridge, which I enjoyed. Hm, come to think of it I did listen to some Internet radio. BUT the coolest part of the SqueezeBox is their integration with the Pandora music service — I’m very excited to play with that despite never having enough time… Maybe next week!

  3. I do the streaming with my TiVoes. Something like the Squeezebox is interesting because the TiVo is not so practical everywhere (needs a TV screen, not very portable for outdoor enjoyment)

    My wife likes the Internet Radio on the TiVo and would probably want that on another device.

    I’m going to check out Pandora.

  4. Dave,
    Welcome to the Squeezebox family. I have 2 SB2s. Great products. Used for whole house audio. Sonos on the cheap and more flexible as well. You should check out the Logitech rant over on the SD website forums. Crazy conspiracy stuff. I think that the integration into Logitech will go well but will put a strain on opensource support structure of the product and Slimserver.


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