If you’re a photogenic Slingbox owner living in the DC area, check out this television opportunity posted to the Sling Community.

We have an interesting media opportunity coming up, and I would like to recruit a greater DC-area Slingbox owner to get a chance to participate in it! Here are the requirements:

  • You must be a Slingbox owner, and have it installed in your home/apartment, which must be located in the greater DC area
  • You must use BOTH SlingPlayer for Windows and Mobile software
  • You must be congenial/charismatic enough to appear on nation-wide television

This will be for a prominent, nationally aired TV show. Taping will occur late this month or early next month. Just think, you could actually watch yourself on your Slingbox!

I was asked to participate in an online Nielsen survey evaluating two television commercials. I don’t watch many commercials these days thanks to TiVo and Netflix, but figured I’d take the time since Nielsen would inadvertently compensate me with a post. ;)

The first was a short, innocuous ad for Glad Press’n Seal which was could be pretty interesting if you’re into new forms of cling wrap. I generally avoid the kitchen and have a feeling Glad charges a premium, so I wasn’t overly compelled to go shopping.

The second commercial was for Celebrex, that prescription pain medication. I wasn’t paying very close attention until they said one possible side effect is death. I’m not an advertising expert, but it seems to me if your product may kill someone and you’re legally bound to disclose that… maybe, just maybe, a television commercial isn’t the correct venue for advertising. The Nielsen survey did ask if I would request Celebrex from my doctor (no) and what I remembered most from the commercial (death).

It’s also worth pointing out the freaky pictograms (see below) used to describe my emotional response. I’m not entirely sure what that middle one with the sunny-side-up-egg-in-stomach indicates, though the explosion clearly represents IBS.

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I just couldn’t seem to find the time…

  • Philips patents digital flags to prevent channel changing or content advancing during commercials. (New Scientist)
  • The facts and fiction of 1080p. (Team Xbox)
  • Podcasts outnumber radio stations. (eWeek)
  • Windows Media Player 11 to be released this summer. (Thomas Hawk)
  • Portable VLC released. (PortableApps)
  • Windows smart-phone maker HTC profiled. (Business Week)

Rumor has it the TiVo sales call center is going 24/7, so I did a little poking around the TiVo store last night and uncovered a new partnership with Blockbuster. Netflix has stated there “is no work going on” in relation to TiVo, so why not play the field? For about $10 – $15 more than TiVo’s current 1 year hardware/service bundle, you can include a Blockbuster Online subscription (1, 2, 3). Why anyone would want to lock themselves into a contract for Blockbuster’s inferior Netflix service is beyond me… unless you can browse and reserve movies directly through the TiVo. I’m not sure what, if any, relation this development has to TiVo’s VOD aspirations, but I’ll be updating the post once TiVo removes the store links OR issues a press release with more details.

UPDATE: TiVo has removed the links. Hope you got your orders in and screenshots out! ;)

As first disclosed at CES, Yahoo is moving into the PC DVR market in addition to providing other couch-based multimedia functionality. But why reinvent the wheel, when you can buy it? Congrats, Meedio — you’ve escaped ShowShifter’s fate! Back at CES, Thomas Hawk learned Go TV would be a free offering similar to Google’s method of buying up and distributing Picasa. I assume Yahoo will ultimately leverage the Meedio platform to interface with their music services and perhaps offer movie downloads. So I guess we can end speculation that Yahoo will buy TiVo… or can we?

Meedio says:
Today is a big day for the team here at Meedio; we have sold most of our technology to Yahoo!

David Brott, Jeff (beergeek), Kenny (fasttech), Pedro (flea0) and I are joining Yahoo!’s Digital Home team. We’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with Yahoo! in the past few months and we love the way they are developing the best, most user-friendly services for the Digital Home.
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Slingbox On Symbian?

Dave Zatz —  April 17, 2006

The Sling folks allude to some enticing news with this job opening…

Sling Media says:

Job Title: Tech Lead, Mobile Embedded Software

Essential Responsibilities

  • Directly participate in design and development of multimedia/networking software products using J2ME, BREW and Symbian operating systems/platforms.
  • Architect multimedia software frameworks for Sling Media mobile software products that address the requirements of Slingbox client software.

Guest review by Thaed, a tech enthusiast from Cleveland, Ohio.

Can a video camera be the greatest piece of technology available today? I can tell you this is the type of wonder that this device instills in me. It’s almost like I bought something from the future. It seems that sophisticated. The button on the right starts recording in HD (720p) and the button on the left takes 5 megapixel pictures. The switch in the middle zooms in and out. The zooming mechanism is the only moving part. The camera writes its data to an SD card. I bought a two GB version. The viewfinder is the clearest I’ve ever seen and the camera is light and fits perfectly in my hands. The combination of ease of use and portability make it easily the best video camera and digital camera I have. It is a first in so many categories. It’s the first digital video recorder that got the still camera part right. It’s the first HD camera I’ve ever used. It’s the first tapeless video camera I’ve had. It does things like allowing you to make panoramic pictures by sweeping the video or extracting decent stills from video. It has a long battery life and it will use the new four GB SD cards.
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