BeyondTV On Mac Mini

Dave Zatz —  May 2, 2006

Want to turn your Mac mini into a PC DVR using BeyondTV? All you need is Boot Camp, Windows, and an external tuner. Why? Because we can! Not to mention this is tons cheaper than EyeTV. If you’re pining away for HD tuning on that Mac mini, you’ll also need an external drive to keep up. Of course the next step is seeing if the SnapStream folks can get this to work within Parallel’s virtualization software…
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Never enough time…

  • One man’s experience with the MPEG-4 decoding Dish ViP622 HD DVR. (Extreme Tech)
  • MSOs urged to quickly enter portable media market. (Cable Digital News)
  • Wired publishes a static guide of online video services. (Wired)
  • Yahoo unveils tech news and reviews site. (Yahoo)
  • Davis Freeberg breaks down Netflix v. Blockbuster and beats down a financial analyst. (Thomas Hawk)

Today’s the day… ABC launched their two month trial (5/1 – 6/30) offering free web rebroadcasts of current, prime time television series. Unlike most streaming content, you do not need Windows as ABC is broadcasting via cross-platform Flash. Of course free is just another word for advertising, but it competes well with $1.99 iTunes downloads. Assuming all goes well, ABC is planning on tweaking the model and relaunching with the fall television season.

Check it out here!

Do I need to watch all of the advertisements?

The advertisements are placed at various points during the show. You cannot advance the show beyond that point until you have watched the ad for at least 30 seconds. You may see a maximum of four advertisements per show.

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  • ReplayTV settles patent dispute, licenses audio technology. (Press Release)
  • Consumer Electronics Association calls on industry to educate consumers. (CEA)
  • Media center software SageTV adds place-shifting. (SageTV)
  • Well-designed customer experiences are good for business; TiVo is one example. (Business Week)
  • Blu-ray prototype stores 200 GB. (jkOnTheRun)
  • VDC mobile television service reviewed. (Brighthand)

Looks like Sling will be getting some more competition… Sony plans to expand it’s LocationFree TV streaming to include Macs and Windows Mobile devices.

Extreme Tech says: Sony Corp. said Tuesday that it licensed its Location-Free technology to Kaga Electronics, which will port the technology to the Mac OS X platform. “Location Free” allows content on supported platforms to be routed wirelessly, through Son’y LF-PK1 basestation, to other PCs, an LCD monitor or even its Sony PSP handheld. Customers will be able to enjoy “LocationFree” with Windows Mobile and cellular phones as well as Mac OS X(R) product, Sony added.

Altec Lansing just informed me that they’ve released the XM3120 speaker system, supporting both the RoadyXT and Xpress receivers. Retail price is about $100. It looks pretty cute, and devices like these push me to upgrade my Roady2 (which I connect to computer speakers at work via the home kit). It’s somewhat ironic that to get a remote control for the RoadyXT I’d have to purchase a home kit which the XM3120 is designed to replace.

Altec Lansing says: Altec Lansing’s new XM3120 speaker system is engineered specifically for XM Radio’s Delphi Roady XT and Audiovox Xpress receivers. Now, XM users can listen to their favorite satellite radio stations everywhere from the dorm room to the garage. The system contains specially engineered drivers to deliver a full spectrum of pure, distinct sound, as well as bass enhancement technology that pumps out quality bass without the need for a subwoofer. Its contemporary design and compact size make it an ideal accessory for any room in the home or office. And, it includes a 20-foot home antenna for exceptional reception no matter your location.