TiVo Series3 Release Date Poll

TiVo, Inc has repeatedly stated the S3 would be released in the second half of 2006… and July is nearly behind us. So, when do you think they’ll be available?

6 thoughts on “TiVo Series3 Release Date Poll”

  1. If TiVo has had this planned for awhile and is really on top of the release, then I think it will arrive in time for the majority of the fall TV season. If it isn’t out until the holidays, then people who would have gotten a dvr at the beginning of the season will already be entrenched in whatever other solutions they’ve found. There’s also that American Idol contest prize date, even if it’s been more or less ‘officially dismissed’.

  2. I suspect that TiVo plans to release the Series 3 in late September. I also suspect that resistance from the cable companies and supply problems will cause the Series 3 to slip into October.

  3. TiVo has said it will be out before the holiday shopping season, which would mean by mid-November. Personally I think October to give them time to get into the channel and word to get out for shoppers to plan for one. And no earlier than September.

  4. I wish TiVo would just tell us when the launch is instead of making us wait. It’s OK if they need some breathing room, but considering that Dec 05′ was the initial date they were targeting, it would be nice to know if we are 3 weeks away or 3 months away. Other then the American Idol contest (which they updated the rules on after your post) they’ve been pretty tight lipped. I don’t mind the secrecy, but looking at the poll results it would be nice to at least have a range to go on.

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