TiVo Series3 Release Date Poll Results

After 60 hours of voting… about 50% (myself included) believe we’ll see the S3 arriving in September or October, while over 15% have no faith in TiVo delivering this year as promised.

ZNF Poll
When will the S3 TiVo be released?

August (17) 9%
September (46) 24%
October (49) 26%
November (34) 18%
December (10) 5%
2007 (33) 17%

Total Votes: 189

1 thought on “TiVo Series3 Release Date Poll Results”

  1. Just got off of the phone today with Tivo to get a replacement Tivo that lightening blew up. Tivo told me they are making an announcement this week about the Series 3 and he said it is due out the end of September. We will see it hopefully soon.

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