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Cisco Buying TiVo… Unlikely

Dave Zatz —  February 8, 2006

I didn’t originally report the Cisco eyeing TiVo rumors of last week. The story struck me as pure speculation without any concrete sources cited. Had the writer not listed Nintendo as a possible acquisition target, I might have been able to evaluate the proposition more seriously. Trust me, Nintendo won’t be bought by an American networking juggernaut. The CNET author is back today after listening in on a Cisco conference call… and I find the spokeperson’s response telling:

CNET says: When asked if DVR maker Tivo might be able to help Cisco reach this market, Giancarlo coolly dismissed rumors that Cisco might buy the company. “If I had a dollar for every company that Cisco has been speculated to buy,” he said, “it would add up to a lot of money. But honestly most of the time those speculations turn out to be untrue.”

In case you weren’t aware, a few months back my Engadget handlers let me out of the basement research department to write the occasional tutorial. This week’s how-to describes streaming any audio through your TiVo, such as Sirius, XM, or your locked down iTunes. While the hack isn’t new, it isn’t well publicized so I took the opportunity to share the love. Before enlisting Galleon to help pass the audio, you may want to try loading the .m3u playlist into TiVo Deskop — on one of my machines it works, on the other it crashes. The article can be found here.

If all you’re after is streaming music, TiVo’s new online apps include Live365 and offers If you’re interested in a more robust MP3 player than TiVo’s Desktop software, both AudioFaucet and Galleon’s music support are worth checking out.

Wired is out with their annual Vaporware Awards. As with last year, TiVo has made the list… this time placing tenth for failing to deliver a stand-alone HD model and a Mac version of TiVoToGo. While it’s true they didn’t surface in 2005, I’m hopeful we’ll see both in 2006.

Wired says: High-def TiVo and TiVoToGo for Mac

The little elves at TiVo have been idle of late. Readers complained the company has failed to release two updates to its product line — a high-definition TiVo that can be used with cable, and TiVoToGo for the Mac. Reader Kyle Johnson wrote: (The cable-card) high-definition TiVo (was) announced at CES 2005, probably will be re-announced at CES 2006.” Reader David Rosen said: “If the cable companies have anything to say, this is never gonna happen.” Of TivoToGo for Mac, one reader said: “We’ve been getting nothing but nebulous promises out of TiVo for months.” And reader Aaron Ouellette said: “Tap, tap, tap, we’re still waiting.”

TiVo Analyzes Super Bowl

Dave Zatz —  February 6, 2006

TiVo has released their annual Super Bowl analysis compiled from an “anonymous” sampling of data from 10,000 boxes. On average, TiVo viewers hit rewind, replay, or pause more than 100 times during the broadcast. Two of Pittsburgh’s touchdowns were replayed more than four times each and Ameriquest topped the most replayed commercials. Many of the commercials were mildy amusing, but I was dissapointed with the movie trailers – where were Superman Returns and X-Men 3? The action sequences in MI-3 have been shown before and Tom Cruise didn’t utter a word. FYI, many of the Super Bowl ads have been posted on Google Video.

We watched the game in HD this year, and thus didn’t provide TiVo with any metrics.

TiVo says: The list of top 10 most replayed ads in TiVo households included:

  1. Ameriquest – Friendly Skies
  2. Ameriquest – That Killed Him
  3. Budweiser – Streaking Sheep
  4. Fed Ex – Caveman
  5. Michelob – Touch Football
  6. Bud Light – Hidden Bud Lights
  7. Sierra Mist – Kathy Griffin
  8. Bud Light – Bear Attack
  9. Aleve – Leonard Nimoy
  10. Bud Light – Revolving Wall

TiVo Opens New York Office?

Dave Zatz —  January 25, 2006

Based on two recent job postings, it appears TiVo is expanding their Media and Advertising team into New York. Under CEO Tom Rogers, TiVo has been aggressively seeking out partnerships and deals — this move is indicative of that trend. I posed some questions to TiVo’s media relations agency, but haven’t heard back yet.

Director of Sales, Audience Measurement Research
This new position will be national in scope and based in New York. The key individual selected will bring their knowledge of marketing research and account development skills to driving new business within Fortune 500 brands, agencies and networks, resulting in exciting new revenue growth in a new frontier.

  • Identify and pursue prospects for TiVo’s audience measurement business
  • Maintain client relations and account management beginning with the sales process through delivery
  • Understand clients’ marketing objectives and how to position TiVo’s offering as a solution to their needs. Educate clients on the DVR industry
  • Aggressively pursue and close business to meet or exceed quarterly revenue goals

Office Assistant
TiVo, the creator and brand leader of DVR and services is looking for an Office Assistant for our New York Office.This will require all of your wits, multi-tasking and excellent communication skills. If you have thrived in a cross-functional environment, had your personality and sense of diplomacy raved about, we’d love to consider you!

TiVo Readies Undelete Feature

Dave Zatz —  January 25, 2006

Due in part to customer feedback, TiVo will be including an undelete feature with the upcoming Series 2 software update. When you delete a television show, it will automatically be moved to the Recently Deleted folder at the bottom of your Now Playing list. The show will be held in purgatory for a period of time before permanent deletion unless you rescue it from a gruesome end. It’s not the sexiest feature we’ve seen, but it’s nice to have for the occasional slip up.

TiVo Headquarters Photographed

Dave Zatz —  January 24, 2006

In response to various requests, I sent secret agent Joe Smith on a mission to photograph TiVo headquarters in Alviso, California. And if these don’t satisfy the stalker in you, check out Corporate Interiors for additional pics.

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