Lost and American Idol Finales Tonight


As a DVR user and a guy with a short attention span, I don’t watch a whole lot of live TV. Football and Lost are about the only things I catch as they’re broadcast. Why bother posting? I want to get it on the record that 4/13 I predicted Henry Gale as a Kaiser Soze… which I expect to see revealed tonight. In fact I have a $10 bet riding on it with a work buddy.

I’m not an American Idol fan, but I happen to live with someone who is. From what I’ve seen the best performer (Chris Daughtry) has already been booted, making the show even less interesting. However, tonight’s finale is worth mentioning because this is your last chance to enter TiVo’s Idol Speculation Series3 raffle. 3pm EST is the cut off, so you might need to take a long lunch to get your entry in.

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