TiVo Guru Guides Are Live (Sort Of)


For a sneak peak at TiVo’s Guru Guide recommendation and scheduling service, check out the pre-release web pages here. The initial batch of (working!) guides include suggestions from Sports Illustrated, CNET, Entertainment Weekly, and Billboard. For the moment, you can only access Guru Guides via the TiVo webpage, though I suspect once KidZone functionality arrives (soon) we might see TiVo-based registration. TiVo has also launched What They’re Watching, a related feature of celebrity programming recommendations.

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4 thoughts on “TiVo Guru Guides Are Live (Sort Of)”

  1. If you’re wondering why I said this was a pre-release, given the layout issues (AJAX? CSS? Firefox seems worse.) and not all registered TiVo units being available for enrollment… I had assumed this was a beta site. Unfortunately, this appears to be live (warts and all) and linked directly from TiVo.com. Head over to the TFC for a discussion of Guru Guides and these various quality control issues. Hopefully the core scheduling functionality works as promised! (Not that I have much use for it in its current form.)

  2. I signed up for H20 no prob and got the confirm email right away. We’ll see what I get on my tivo.

  3. This seems like a neat concept, but we have to get some better (non-obvious) recommendations. All of the celebrity recommendations are for well-known shows.

    Let’s use Sandra Oh as an example. She recommends Grey’s Anatomy (really? what a surprise), The Daily Show, 24, Scrubs, South Park, The Simpsons. Like I’ve never heard of any of these shows before. The rest of the celebrity picks are pretty much the same ilk.

    I don’t think I’m going to find too many hidden gems via Guru Guides, if this is what TiVo is going to put on them.

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