TiVo Launches Product Watch: Commercials On Demand

As announced in November, TiVo is launching their targeted commercials service today. Presumably, one will select advertisement preferences through a new HME app on the recently updated Music, Photos, Products & More screen. As long as the ads remain voluntary and unobtrusive, I’m in favor of TiVo generating additional revenue… assuming they continue adding useful features (unlike this one) and keep fees reasonable. Though, as Om Malik suggests, TiVo’s continued push into advertising presents a business opportunity for another DVR maker to market itself as the anti-ad platform. Is there is a manufacturer brave enough to bring back ReplayTV’s commercial skip?

Wall Street Journal says: For the most part, the marketers won’t run traditional 30-second TV commercials. Instead, they will offer longer ads that attempt to be more informative than typical commercials. Kraft, for instance, will offer 20 different cooking videos that will show such things as how to grill its Tombstone pizza, potato-salad basics, or how to create a cantaloupe-and-Jell-O dessert. General Motors, likewise, will offer detailed video presentations about its vehicles. Ford is trying something more entertaining: one-minute takes of magicians Penn & Teller performing various tricks on a golf course, with a Ford vehicle shown nearby. TiVo users will be able to search for ads in several categories, including finance, lifestyles and travel and leisure. LendingTree’s ad, in the finance category, features personal-finance expert Suze Orman giving step-by-step overviews of different types of loans.

TiVo says: TiVo Inc. the creator and leader in advertising solutions and television services for digital video recorders (DVRs), today launched its new advertising search product named ‘TiVo Product Watch’ which offers advertisers an innovative new way to reach TiVo subscribers who are actively looking for products (“In Market”) with advertising content and information. At launch, TiVo Product Watch will deliver targeted, relevant advertising content, from more than 70 advertisers and 100 leading brands, from up to five different product categories including Automotive, Entertainment, Financial, Lifestyles, and Travel and Leisure.

TiVo subscribers will be able to create searches and select advertising content, ranging from one minute to 60 minutes, from any of the five different product categories of interest and have it delivered directly to their Now Playing section of the TiVo service. TiVo Product Watch will also offer subscribers the ability to create a search based on their favorite brands. TiVo viewers will be able to subscribe to a brand and opt-in to receive video content directly from that company on an ongoing basis.

“Bringing to market the innovative TiVo Product Watch solution is another powerful example of TiVo’s ability to lead the industry and distinguish the TiVo service from generic DVRs in the marketplace,” said Tom Rogers, President and CEO of TiVo. “TiVo Product Watch will, for the first time, enable TV viewers to get commercial information about a product they are interested, when they want it, rather than through traditional TV advertising, where a viewer has no control of what ad comes on when they are watching a program. TiVo is committed to creating advertising products that deliver real, relevant results for our advertising partners while at the same time enhancing the TV experience for subscribers.”

14 thoughts on “TiVo Launches Product Watch: Commercials On Demand”

  1. what blows me away is htat people are going to start bitching and moaning about this.

    opt-in advertising is a GOOD thing! wouldn’t you rather have ads in a list on your tivo than inserted into the middle of your shows? plus, it has the potential to provide good content…like the bmw films, for example.

  2. I can see this for use with movie trailers and what not but in general… yeah thumbs down. Tivo has always been way to cosy with advertisers for my taste, you simple can’t have that level of infidelity in a consumer relationship.

    Incidentally the Replay lawsuit was really about the show sharing the commercial skip was just the incidental kitchen sink that was thrown in too to see what would stick. Shame Replay was totally ahead of their time. I still love my 4040, to bad the brand ultimatly was bought by sombody guttless but I guess understanble.

  3. Me: So you mean like I can just see ads any time I want, without commericals that TiVo saves to my hard drive for me?

    TiVo: YES!

    Me: And did I hear right that exciting names like General Motors, Sony Pictures, Lending Tree (ohhh ahhh) and yes, Kraft Foods are amongst some of the first ads I’ll be able to watch on my TiVo?

    TiVo: Yep, that’s right.

    Me: Uhhhhhhh, no thanks. Hey, when’s that new Series 3 Standalone HDTV unit coming out anyways?

  4. this so has potential.
    id rather have movie trailers downloaded onto my tivo rather then boot up a computer and go to a website… if a commercial is good its like a good show you will enjoy it…

  5. I’d definitely use this for come of the content – like movie trailers, DVD release teasers, etc. I read that Penn & Teller will be shilling for Ford – hell, I’ll watch that just for them, but I’m not replacing my Dodge any time soon. :-)

  6. Did anybody stop to think that this could in result in better commercials all around, if nothing else advertisers and agencies can use this to see what ads are and are not viewed voluntarily, from this they could learn what makes an ad people want to watch and then use those elements to make more ads that don’t suck.

  7. I’m trying out the new feature – have yet to form an opinion – it’s so new. However, I am more anxious to see TiVoToGo for the Mac rather than this.

  8. I think this is great. TiVo is allways on top. Targeted comercial services. Tumbs up again.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. Wall Street Journal mentioned about adverts for new foods. Someone else mentioned about ads for upcoming films. I think both are great advert ideas that will catch up. Does anyone know if TiVo actually show any ?

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