DISH OTA Signal Meter To Improve Antenna Reception

Satellite television provider DISH continues to hedge their bets, given a variety of cord cutting streaming hardware and services that seemingly acknowledge the contraction of traditional pay television. They even mount OTA television antennas, under the AirTV shingle, via their network of satellite dish installers! And they’re about ready to improve installation precision for improved … Read more

Samsung Takes On Nest With SmartThings Camera

As a brand spanking new indoor Nest camera passes through the FCC, a tipster has provided imagery of an upcoming Samsung video cam. And, unlike prior generations, they’re going with “SmartThings” branding. However, this smart home space is increasingly crowded with great options – from upper echelon connected cams, like Arlo and Nest, on one … Read more

Lutron Aurora Could Be The Best Hue Accessory Ever

I’ve long been a fan of Hue lighting wall dimmers. But those days are about over given the Lutron Aurora. Years ago, the Hue dimmer bridged the analog and digital environments, allowing all household members to easily control room lighting via a more traditional switch. While the dimmers go well beyond simplistic brightness controls with … Read more

AirTV Mini Does What Nvidia Shield TV Hasn’t

Beyond dropping the dime on AirTV 2, SatelliteGuys.US has also uncovered the upcoming AirTV Mini. This Android-powered 4K dongle will replace the original AirTV Player, coming in at a lower price ($80) and more compact presentation. DISH’s timing is ideal, as access to an authentic, affordable Android TV stick with full Google Assistant and Google … Read more

DISH Doubles Down On Cord Cutting With AirTV 2

DISH has been at the forefront of cord cutting technologies, having launched the original OTT aggregator in Sling TV and more recently unveiling home hardware to harness antenna television. DISH clearly continues to crank away in this space as an AirTV 2 just passed through the FCC. The question is: Which sort of AirTV will … Read more

WiFi Wyze Bulbs Launch Next Week

If you’ve been following our smart home tracker, you already knew Wyze bulbs were launching “soon” … and now I can provide even more precision: they go on sale next week. Further, due to what looks like some premature web publishing, we seemingly have all the details. Unlike Hue and IKEA lighting, Wyze is going … Read more

Ring Smart Lighting First Impressions

Back in January, we broke the news of upcoming Ring outdoor smart lighting and related accessories. This new system was described at CES as a means to extend your existing Ring ecosystem by not only allowing for wireless lighting, but also motion detection. Both can then be integrated with Ring cameras to help capture any … Read more

The Tablo Quad Reviews

The Tablo Quad over-the-air DVR recently started shipping and our friends have posted reviews. TechHive DVR boxes that plug directly into your television, such as TiVo’s Bolt OTA, are inherently simpler than all this, but Tablo’s advantage is that it works with whatever streaming boxes or sticks you might already be using. […] While the … Read more