Tivo Customers Face $150 Cancellation Fee

First Macrovision DRM, now this… Tivo has gone the route of most cell phone providers with their updated service agreement. They’ll sell you hardware at a loss, but guarantee themselves service revenue to recoup those expenses. If you cancel service within a year of activating your unit, you’ll be penalized $150. No caveat for multi-Tivo … Read more

Tivo Advertising Campaign Stymied

And I thought this month couldn’t get any worse for Tivo… First they’re hammered with bad press due to Macrovision DRM. That was followed by Metron, the company handling Tivo’s phone and web orders, folding last Friday. Little did we know Tivo had a television and web advertising campaign beginning this week. Sadly, Tivo is … Read more

Verizon Flips FiOS TV Switch

FiOS TV has gone live in Texas with a huge selection of digital channels and VOD at very competitive prices. Verizon plans to expand service into Florida, California, and Virginia later this year. FiOS TV uses Verizon’s fat pipe fiber optics to provide IPTV via a set-top box. Verizon says: FiOS TV subscribers will enjoy … Read more

Moxi Adds VoIP Capabilities, New Executives

Diego’s Moxi Media Center, a dual tuner HD DVR, has integrated its existing Telephone functionality into UniTV’s cable services platform. Meaning you’ll be able to access your cable provider’s VoIP services, such as callerID and voicemail, directly through your set-top box. Moxi says: Interoperability with UniTV allows deployment of Moxi Telephone on a much wider … Read more

Verizon FiOS TV Scores ESPN And Disney Channel

Verizon’s FiOS TV has only been approved in a handful of jurisdictions, but that hasn’t stopped them from moving forward with content deals. Today Verizon inked a major agreement with Disney. Verizon definitely needed ESPN to compete with traditional cable providers and satellite TV… And now they can – ssuming they get cleared to provide … Read more

Brave New World

As you may or may not know, I occasionally write for and provide tips to a variety of blogs. My hero, Peter Rojas of Engadget, has encouraged me to write for myself. And here we are… The web publishing technology is new to me, so it will take a few weeks before I’m firing on … Read more

PSP As Whole Home Remote

If you happen to own SkipJam’s iMedia Center, you can harness the power of the your PSP as a whole-home remote control. SkipJam’s software utilizes the browser provided with 2.0 firmware and an Internet connection to provide a customized remote control interface. Sounds neat, but it’s nothing more than a low-resolution web page generated by … Read more

Tivo Halts Sales

In a strange turn of events, Tivo is no longer accepting orders for DVR units via phone or web. Unconfirmed posts suggest the company they outsource sales duties to has folded. Upon calling 1-877-BUY-TIVO a recording informed me, We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please visit our website. However, potential web customers are being directed … Read more