DVD-Integrated DLP Projector Roundup

Optoma H10Being city-based apartment dwellers, we don’t have the space for a dedicated home theater. Therefore, projector/DVD combo units are appealing as a way to host an occasional big screen experience. Robert Heron reviewed three contenders in the 10/18/05 issue of PC Magazine. Optoma’s MoveTime DV10 was his Editors’ Choice due to accurate colors, native 16:9 resolution, and a quiet fan. HP’s ep9010 was a close second, and while it had great sound from the built-in 20 watt subwoofer the unit’s excessive weight and noisy fan kept it out of the winner’s circle.

Optoma MovieTime DV10 (1499.99)
With good image quality and very quiet operation, we found the MovieTme DV10 to be an impressive entry-level projector that’s worth considering. And it’s light enough to travel with you to a friend’s house so you can share the experience.

HP ep9010 Instant Cinema ($1,999)
Weighing in at 22 pounds, the bulks ep9010 is too big to be considered a truly portable projector. But the table base and comfortable handgrip along the rear of the tilt-mounted projector allow for quick image positioning. The base also serves as an enclosure for an integrated 20-watt subwoofer.

Innovation Cinego D-1000 (1,299.99)
The D-1000 is the least expensive hybrid projector currently available, but its (relatively) low price is about the only thing going for it. You can find better alternatives that cost a little more money, or less expensive ways of doing the same things better.