Tivo’s New Downloadable Content, Navy Football?

TiVo LogoIs it just me, or is this not so exciting? I dig the idea of downloadable content via broadband, but not this particular content. It’s an interesting marketing strategy though… I don’t get CSTV, so after watching the clips and missing the game theoretically I’ll feel compelled to call Comcast and request the channel.

Tivo newsletter says: Running from October 1st-8th, look for a new menu item on TiVo Central called “Exclusive Navy Football with CSTV!” The Showcase makes it easy for you to schedule a recording of the upcoming Navy-Air Force football game to air on CSTV**, but there’s more:

  • You’ll have the option to download an additional hour’s worth of exclusive bonus content, including interviews with coaches and players, season highlights, a documentary on Navy football, and a documentary on the 1963 season with Roger Staubach!
  • Plus, you’ll even get game highlights and post-game materials a few days after the whistle’s blown.
  • ** You must receive CSTV from your cable or satellite provider in order to record the game on CSTV.

    3 thoughts on “Tivo’s New Downloadable Content, Navy Football?”

    1. Eh, they have to start somewhere. I bet any major content provider is going to hang back until they see this working a while in the wild and have some confidence in it. So the first items will probably be promos, weird things like this, etc.

    2. This isn’t the best news however; it is a start. Like MegaZone said, it has to start somewhere. In any case, I think TiVo is onto something big here….

    3. Next steps for tivo is something no sports. A reality show… god… that would be awful… just the rason I bougt the tivo to avoid all the crap. now it’s going to start pushing it though MY BANDWIDTH!

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