Closer To A Netflix Set-Top Box?

Several months ago Netflix brought on Anthony Wood (founder of ReplayTV) to “deliver movies directly to subscribers’ televisions via the Internetâ€?- substantiating years of set-top box rumors and speculation. It now appears they’re closer to making it a reality given a recent Netflix trademark update filing: Computer hardware, set top boxes and computer software, namely … Read more

Vudu’s Almost Here (and overpriced)

We’ve talked about Vudu before – the upstart, P2P video rental (or purchase) box that’s been getting decent press. My main concern has always been: How are they going to price it? Originally, I heard we’d see Apple TV prices. Then in June, when Vudu visited the Digital Experience event in NYC, a couple of … Read more

More on Vudu VOD

The NY Times follows up Gizmodo’s scoop today with an effusive article how Vudu will “turn America’s televisions into limitless multiplexes, providing instant gratification for movie buffs”… without mentioning the ITVN, Akimbo, Moviebeam wasteland of products that preceded Vudu. Why would consumers pay $300 – $350 for a box that does one thing: charges for … Read more

The Vudu That You Do

Gizmodo’s got the scoop on Vudu, an upcoming video-on-demand box. Supposedly the device will launch in June at a higher price point than Apple TV with 7 studios signed as content partners. With the proliferation of cable and satellite VOD/PPV plus Xbox 360 and TiVo now offering movie rentals (and purchases), I just can’t see … Read more

Digital Media Bytes

A periodic roundup of relevant news… Philips cranks out Windows Vista Media Center remotes: Chris Lanier BBC to offer free show downloads for the US: BBC Hands on with Akimbo’s new RCA box: GigaOM Walmart bundles adult content with Zune: Fox Chicago Arrington dumps Netflix for Blockbuster: TechCrunch Purchase a TiVo Series3 for as low … Read more

Xbox 360: Video-On-Demand Trojan Horse

I’ve been theorizing for awhile that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 (and the forthcoming Sony Playstation 3) isn’t really about teens and video games. Obviously gaming is a core feature and responsible for getting these systems into many homes, despite the steep $400 price of admission. But that’s just a trojan horse — the real money and … Read more

DigitalLife Wrap-Up, Part 2

HD DVD versus Blu-ray As I mentioned earlier, I was mostly underwhelmed by the products I saw and was disappointed in what I didn’t see. For example, where the heck were the Zen Vision W and new Archos devices? Where was the new Akimbo+Movielink? The new PepperPad is out (v3) and I’m still left wondering … Read more

Interesting News Dave Hasn’t Covered

Never enough time… CNET prefers HAVA specs over Slingbox? (CNET) Akimbo’s new box with Movielink shipping soon. (PVRWire) Apple Nano alternatives. (NYTimes) Real Rhapsody 4.0 released. (Engadget) Comcast online music and video store launching this month? (Gizmodo)