Interesting News Dave Hasn’t Covered

Never enough time… Pirate content with PC HDMI capture card in October. (HDBeat) Video walk-thru of Media Center features on Vista. (RetroSight) DirecTV’s new HD DVR recalled? (PVRWire) Video sharing coming to Akimbo via (Yahoo)

AT&T Homezone Convergence Box Launches Today

Until AT&T expands their U-Verse IPTV offering, they’ve partnered with Dish in providing a networked DVR which includes home media features and movie downloads. Beginning today, residents in Ohio and San Antonio can rent a Homezone box for $9.99/mo… on top of their existing monthly Internet and satellite subscription fees. I can’t imagine the few … Read more

Interesting News Dave Hasn’t Covered

Never enough time… Which new DVD format? Neither just yet. (NY Times) Akimbo raises $15 million. (GigaOm) AT&T’s fiber option television service U-verse goes live. (San Antonio Business Journal) PC Mag gives S2 DT TiVo 3.5/5 stars. (PC Mag)

MovieBeam Review (With Video!)

If you recall, MovieBeam is the movie rental device and service spun off from Disney and backed by Cisco. Unlike Akimbo’s internet downloads, MovieBeam contracts local broadcasters to distribute films over the air. The box supposedly holds 100 movie rentals at any given time, including several offered in HD. A few weeks ago, MovieBeam lowered … Read more

Cisco Funds Disney’s MovieBeam

If you recall, MovieBeam was a Disney service similar to Akimbo offering pay-per-view rentals of downloaded movies via leased set-top boxes. After testing the service in a few markets, Disney shut it down and later spun off the company. Most, including myself, figured it was gone for good despite comments that service would be relaunched … Read more

2005 Reviewed, 2006 Previewed

2005 Review 2005 was the year we collectively dipped our toes into the portable media pool. Sure, there were many product introductions, price drops, and business mergers across the board but a mobile revolution was brewing. On the hardware side, Apple’s video-capable iPod obviously grabbed most of the headlines. I wasn’t overly impressed with the … Read more

DigitalLife Wrap-up

TiVo Software TiVo server-based HME apps, show overlap recording intelligence, and bug fixes expected next month with the release of system software 7.2.1 for Series 2 units. TiVo Hardware TiVo-branded wireless adapter with secretive X factor processing is on the way. Netgear DAVE 700 2nd generation media streamer worth a closer look when released. Creative … Read more

Netgear Likes Me, Introduces DAVE 700

Dear Netgear, You like me, you really like me! Your marketing department had a stroke of genius in naming the upcoming streaming media center DAVE 700. I’m fairly pleased that the Digital Audio Video Entertainer (DAVE) is living room-friendly, assuming a traditional set-top form factor in favor of the current MP101’s compact case. And I … Read more