DigitalLife Wrap-up

TiVo Software
TiVo server-based HME apps, show overlap recording intelligence, and bug fixes expected next month with the release of system software 7.2.1 for Series 2 units.

TiVo Hardware
TiVo-branded wireless adapter with secretive X factor processing is on the way.

Netgear DAVE 700
2nd generation media streamer worth a closer look when released.

Creative Zen Vision
Every feature you would want in a PMC, except a practical screen.

By integrating VOD programming into Microsoft’s MCE, they have a fighting chance at survival.

Whole home video distribution and recording over ethernet. Sorry, Microsoft’s MCE will own this category. (link)

MediaReady 5000
A Linux HTPC preconfigured with SageTV. Sorry, Microsoft’s MCE will own the preconfigured category too. Linux DIYers will buy Sage themselves or run MythTV for free. (link)

Another mediocre HMD without a market – save your cash. (link)

Ungainly and raucous without a real purpose, yet I love the little guy. (link)

Pepper Pad
Potentially awkward split keyboard and low resolution display, though still an appealing sofa device – and at a more usable size than the Nokia 770. I dig the inclusion of universal remote control features. (link)

Best Booth
Napster’s Garage was the best looking display, hands down. Too bad having great show designers doesn’t sell music subscriptions.

Napster Garage
The low-tech, funky, and hip Napster Garage.

Napster Garage
More of the Napster Garage.

XBox 360
Psychedelic Xbox 360 Display.

Panel discussion hosted by T-Mobile and Juicy Couture, who will “nurture” my body. Peter Rojas of Engadget sits second from left.

Peter mauled by rogue Robosapien.

Press Passes
My very first press passes. I love free food.