One Box Dies, Another Is Born

This morning I disposed of the awful 2Wire Blockbuster VOD box… that you probably didn’t remember existed. Not only was it limited to just standard def content, but it was also plagued by DRM issues and UI lockups. As you can see below, I took it apart (like Akimbo, Moviebeam, etc) looking for salvageable parts before sending it … Read more

Catching up with Hillcrest Labs

My last stop on the CES marathon last week was with Hillcrest Labs. Although, they’re a DC metro company, the only place I ever seem to see them is in Vegas. In fact, Josh Goldman, former CEO of former Akimbo, first introduced me to Hillcrest Labs back at CES 2007 when I told him I … Read more

Sezmi Launches LA Pilot, Lands $25M

Given a year of radio silence, I’d assumed Sezmi had gone the way of the dodo Akimbo and Moviebeam. However, after speaking to president and co-founder Phil Wiser last week, it seems they’ve quietly been working deals, raising new capital, and refining the Sezmi experience. And, today, they’re launching a public pilot in Los Angeles. … Read more

CBS Launches iPhone App

CBS may have recently lost out on Hulu content, but they’re pressing forward with their re-imagined initiative. And, yesterday, they introduced a free iPhone app. What caught my eye in the press release was the mention of “full episodes” – So I immediately rushed out to the parking lot, where I have AT&T … Read more

The New Remotes of CES

Over these last few years we’ve innovative new methods to remotely control our television (devices) have started to crop up. Both the hardware and 10′ interface. With the driving force being the exponential increase in the number of channels and types of content we receive. Some will be more successful than others… this is the … Read more

What’s up with Vudu? Other than the layoffs.

Just a few week ago, Vudu expanded their content library with the introduction of adult titles. And in just a few weeks, Vudu will announce the availability of 1,000 HD movies. However, between the here and there rumors of Vudu’s demise have sprung up. While it appears true nearly 20% of their staff was laid … Read more

Roku Netflix Player Unboxing & Setup

My Roku Netflix Player just arrived, so of course I dropped everything to get it running. Setup and operation are extremely simple, and I appreciate the inclusion of WiFi (like Apple TV, as opposed to Vudu, Xbox, TiVo, and Akimbo). The rewind (and fast forward) thumbnail scanning functionality is going to take some getting used … Read more

MovieBeam Kicks The Bucket?

Several months after being acquired by video rental retailer Movie Gallery, rumor has it MovieBeam service is being shuttered next week. While I haven’t received a phone call or email notification (as a former customer), it wouldn’t surprise me if the service is killed – following in the footsteps of Akimbo’s dedicated hardware. MovieBeam, originally … Read more