Digital Media Bytes

A periodic roundup of relevant news…

  • Philips cranks out Windows Vista Media Center remotes: Chris Lanier
  • BBC to offer free show downloads for the US: BBC
  • Hands on with Akimbo’s new RCA box: GigaOM
  • Walmart bundles adult content with Zune: Fox Chicago
  • Arrington dumps Netflix for Blockbuster: TechCrunch
  • Purchase a TiVo Series3 for as low (ha) as $511: TiVo Lovers

2 thoughts on “Digital Media Bytes”

  1. Heck Yeah!!,

    I am finally going HD with Tivo. I got in on that deal, $510!! Sure, I could have waited till after Christmas for a POSSIBLE lower price, but that hit just above my “Willing to pay” zone of $400-$500 so I am happy!

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