TiVoCast Hits Spring Break

Last week, TiVo finally turned on TiVoCast for series 3 owners and so far I’ve been impressed, but it’s also left me wanting more. Over the last few years, I’ve read an awful lot about TiVoCast, but unfortunately have never been able to try it out, until now. It’s still a little too early for … Read more

TiVoCast Adds NY Times

If you recall, broadband-connected Series2 (and later this year, the Series3) video downloads were branded ‘TiVoCast’ in June. As promised, the service has been expanding (you can probably skip Heavy) and the New York Times is now serving up content — up to 10 minutes a day, depending on what’s going on in the world. … Read more

TiVoCast: Video (Clips) On Demand Debut Next Month

Beginning next month, broadband-connected Series2 TiVo units will be able to subscribe to multiple new downloadable web and television video offerings in addition to the current CNET and Rocketboom services. I’m envisioning TiVoCast will be housed in a HME subscription application, similar to the recently launched ProductWatch. Interestingly, no money is changing hands (yet) between … Read more

Roku (and partners) Launch 5 New Channels

Everyone’s favorite $99 media streamer saw five new channels launch last night, bringing Roku’s total partner count up to 42. (Obviously, some are better than others.) The newcomers, as cut & paste from Roku’s forum: SUNIMI loads of free content – create your own – share with friends Roxwel Free Rock, Metal, Indie, and Alternative … Read more

TiVo on Twitter

TiVo gets a mixed review when it comes to online community outreach (aka “Social Media” – whatever that means). They pioneered customer engagement on a company-focused forum. Yet, TiVo has stumbled in the blogosphere…. from joining the conversation late (and still currently suffering from trust issues) to their own craptastic blog initiative. Fortunately, they’re leading … Read more

The Week in TiVo

Amazon Video on Demand… in HD? We had a brief glimmer of hope earlier this week when TiVo units appeared to offer Amazon Video on Demand in high definition… for about half a day. Sadly, the link directed subscribers to standard definition video rentals. After checking in with TiVo, it appears this was a layout … Read more

Video Podcasts From TiVo Desktop 2.6.1 Just Work – Still Room For Improvement

TiVo Desktop version 2.6.1 (download here) was launched on April 9, 2008 (See TiVoPony’s announcement, Megazone’s post, and TiVo’s press release). For TiVo Desktop users that have upgraded to TiVo Plus ($24.99 USD), the most important new feature of version 2.6.1 is its integrated support for video podcasts. Video podcasts of your choosing can now … Read more