The Week in TiVo

Amazon Video on Demand… in HD?

We had a brief glimmer of hope earlier this week when TiVo units appeared to offer Amazon Video on Demand in high definition… for about half a day. Sadly, the link directed subscribers to standard definition video rentals. After checking in with TiVo, it appears this was a layout test inadvertently released to the public. But it’s nice to know HD content downloads will be coming. One day.

TiVo Series3 & TiVoHD Software Update

The software that started rolling out to Series2 owners last month is now arriving on Series3 and TiVo HD units. Actually, while there are cosmetic similarities, the versioning is vastly different. S2 units are running 9.3.2, while high def TiVos now sport version 11. I’m hoping whatever else is included behind the scenes facilitates Netlflix streaming later this month. And we can officially give up hope on seeing a new UI in 2008.

i.TV to add TiVo scheduling?

iPhone app i.TV has a secret… Code and graphics buried in version 1.1 indicate TiVo scheduling may be available in the not so distant future. No word on timing, and I’ve been unable to confirm with TiVo if this is sanctioned. But it’ll certainly be a step up from TiVo’s recently unveiled, lightweight mobile scheduling site.

Get your TiVo Cookie Cutter
Although they’re now out of stock, TiVo was offering freebie cookie cutters to pretty much any takers. After seeing the holiday promotion land on quite a few random sites, TiVo may want to consider limiting future giveaways to subscribers. However, I did manage to get my request in as soon as the offer appeared on Twitter. First rule of blogging: Take advantage of deals before publishing them, or risk losing out. Not that I’ve ever baked a cookie in my life.

TiVo to broadcast
An article in AdvertisingAge indicates TiVo will begin offering video content. The article clearly states the service will be available to all TiVo units (stand alone, DirecTV, and Comcast), but I highly doubt that and suspect we’re talking about delivering the web video to broadband connected Series2 and Series3/HD units only. Selections could be offered as a subscription-based TiVoCast or advertising Showcase. I’ve inquired with TiVo, so we shall see…

10 thoughts on “The Week in TiVo”

  1. I’m so excited for both Netflix streaming to TiVo(Please have HD ready at launch! Pretty Please TiVo!) and for HD unbox downloads. They cant come soon enough

  2. Heard back from TiVo… is a TiVoCast video subscription, like dozens of others. Someone, somewhere was confused – it has nothing to do with Comcast Motorola or DirecTV TiVo units/service, as I suspect. Though that’s what made the article interesting.

  3. The wife just seen the TiVo cookie cutters. Now she’s mad I never told her about these. I wouldn’t mind having TiVo support. Would make it easier to setup show recording. :)

  4. TiVo Cookie Cutter
    I called TiVo and complained about their stupid move re: giving CC’s to the whole world before us longtime subscribers. It was escalated to “corporate” and I am supposed to receive a call within 48 hours. We shall see.

  5. I’m a die hard netflix guy, but I was seriously hoping that the new Blockbuster box would be subscription based. I like netflix’s on demand, but I would like to see it put out new releases instead of just old Starsky and Hutch seasons. Seriously, though, someone needs to at least try the subscription bases model for new release on demand. Competition gets people moving and right now it’s pay per view and netflix.

    Off topic: Does anyone know if Tivo to Go works with the ZeVee box? thanks!

  6. Hogues, the ZvBox transmits everything that’s visible on your PC screen to a television. So a PC with TiVo Desktop can play back TiVoToGo files without modification and would work with Zv.

  7. Of course my S2 and S3 got these updates but none of the new functionality is available in Canada. They keep teasing us with all this functionality that they won’t make available to us :(

  8. @ Dave: has it been confirmed that TiVo will be able to playback Netflix HD?

    P.S. Dear Amazon, please give us Unbox HD for Christmas! :)

  9. Hey Dale – we get it. Canada doesn’t get all the ‘cool’ stuff that the US does. Do you have to keep polluting the comments with this info?

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