TiVo Preps Series2 Update

In what may be one of the final Series2 platform updates, TiVo has launched a priority request page for the Fall 2008 Software (9.3.2). This S2 refresh consists of just a few UI tweaks, designed to spotlight broadband content and emphasize Swivel Search:

This service update reorganizes some of the TiVo Central menu choices, specifically adding a menu item for Video on Demand content from TiVo and it’s partners. If your DVR is connected to broadband, you’ll be able to enjoy the latest movies, television shows, and web videos directly from this menu. You’ll also find a new way to start Swivel Search anytime you pause a program!

Thanks to TiVo Community member tewcewl, I’ve got some exclusive photos of the new look to share. What you’ll notice in these pics is a new Videos on Demand menu item and that Music, Photos, & Too Much Other Stuff has become Music, Photos, & Showcases – with Showcase content indeed demoted to a sub menu item. More significant, when pausing programming you’ll now have an option to pull up additional info via Swivel Search as shown in that top image.

I assume these modifications will also make their way onto the Series3/HD platform later this year – as I doubt TiVo is ready to roll with that massive interface overhaul. Though, I’d love to be wrong…

5 thoughts on “TiVo Preps Series2 Update”

  1. Dave,

    Glad to see Swivel Search being integrated more fully into the shows themselves.

    But why would you think this is one of the last updates for these units? I understand they can’t get newer web video capabilities, but there are still plenty of advancements that they can take advantage of.


  2. Developing, integrating, and QAing software updates is extremely time consuming and labor intensive. I doubt we’ll see much more development other than critical fixes and opportunities to increase TiVo’s revenue (as they’re doing by emphasizing “Video on Demand”). However, I could be off on this… it’s likely there’s still more active S2 units, than HD/S3 at this point. Though the layoffs probably won’t help. Not that I thought TiVo ever needed close to 500 people.

  3. These updates are exactly correct. I got this last week or was it two weeks ago? Anyway, that’s what I have now.

    Off-topic: I love my tivo. I think Tivo is being quite silly in not having a series three unit that supports directv. From what I see, if I want anything like a tivo for HD content, I either have to build my own device or rent one from directv, which I won’t ever do as I want to OWN my devices straight out. If they don’t do this, Tivo WILL lose customers. They should never ever make any agreements not to do this, say with the satellite people and if they have any, they should find an early out or pay a fine even to get out of them.

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