Roku (and partners) Launch 5 New Channels

Everyone’s favorite $99 media streamer saw five new channels launch last night, bringing Roku’s total partner count up to 42. (Obviously, some are better than others.) The newcomers, as cut & paste from Roku’s forum:

loads of free content – create your own – share with friends

Free Rock, Metal, Indie, and Alternative Music Videos

Live and On-Demand shows all about human space flight

An eclectic collection of hard-to-find films.
The funniest videos and pictures online

The only one I’m familiar with is, whose video I’ve previously caught via TiVoCast. Since I last looked, they’ve expanded beyond youngsters pranking their peers or wiping out to also offering movie and game trailers. Which is something we’ll enjoy. Spacevidcast also looks like it could be promising.

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6 thoughts on “Roku (and partners) Launch 5 New Channels”

  1. EZTakes is where Joel Hodgson (the creator of MST3K) and crew at “Cinematic Titanic” release their movie riffs through. Well worth checking out.

  2. Well, at least for me, this might rank as the biggest “don’t care” possible. All I want is streaming a local server video.

  3. @George – Sunimi will stream media from your server. They also have a private channel for streaming from a usb harddrive/thumbdrive

  4. @George – Brian is absolutely correct. Additionally, if you spend some time in the Roku forums you will find that there are numerous “private” channels that you can get access to that might prove of interest.

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