Chumby Rolls Its Own 8″ Widget Station

After seeing Sony and Best Buy harness the power of their widget platform, Chumby is following suit with their own dedicated kitchen companion. And given its styling, that’s where you’ll want it — versus the Sony Dash which is equally at home in the bedroom as a super-powered Internet-connected alarm clock. The upcoming “personalized Internet … Read more

Upcoming Sony Dash Widget Station Refresh

While light on details, Sony has announced that their Dash widget station will see a refresh this summer. All we know at this point is that there will be two editions, in multiple colors, with one SKU receiving the oft requested internal rechargeable battery. Presumably, it’ll also feature a more sprightly experience via upgraded screen and … Read more

Hulu Plus Lands On Sony Dash Widget Station

We knew Sony was going deep with Hulu Plus integration, and today their Internet-connected Dash widget station took the plunge. Fortunately, I’m often slow in returning review items and happen to be one of Hulu’s two dozen Plus subscribers… enabling me to give the new service a spin while on the road. Registering my account was a … Read more

Hands on the Sony Dash (Widgety)

As I proclaimed (on camera) at CES earlier this year, 2010 ushers in a new category of media consumption devices. Something us geeks have dabbled with for ages, but the trend is finally making its way into the mainstream. And while I actually missed the Sony Dash at CES, it landed on my radar big … Read more

Hands On with the Sungale Widget Photo Frame

UPDATE: Sungale has let me know that there will be another firmware update before the frame officially hits retail. The company is graciously letting me hold on to the frame until the update, and I plan to post again. I’ve had something of an obsession with Wi-Fi photo frames ever since eStarling brought the first … Read more

Evolution of the Verizon Hub

Tech specs are still fuzzy, but what we do know is that this is a POTS-based cordless phone system with a touchscreen for Internet access and integration with Verizon wireless phone services. It’s meant to act as a digital photo frame, note board, family calendar, and widget station all at once.

The Ceiva Zigbee Home Control Photo Frame

Remember Ceiva? One of the original digital photo frames… that incorporated Internet connectivity (!) to receive pushed pics from remote family as we did about 10 years ago for Mom. Apparently the company is still alive and kicking, having just pushed the Ceiva HomeView widget station thru the FCC. While the Ceiva HomeView (SHR558) is capable of … Read more

Vizio Smart Audio: A Jambox With Android Benefits

In the category of products that may never come to market, but nonetheless inspired us at CES, are the Vizio Smart Audio Android boomboxes. Beyond Vizio’s sharp industrial design and decent sound (which did seem to distort at max volume), wouldn’t you prefer your Jambox-esque device ship with a display? Better, yet, how about directly … Read more