Upcoming Sony Dash Widget Station Refresh

While light on details, Sony has announced that their Dash widget station will see a refresh this summer. All we know at this point is that there will be two editions, in multiple colors, with one SKU receiving the oft requested internal rechargeable battery. Presumably, it’ll also feature a more sprightly experience via upgraded screen and additional processing power. We kinda like the existing 7″ Sony Dash, which sports Chumby apps and Sony’s Bravia content streaming (now including Hulu Plus playback), and feel it’s favorably priced at a new low of $149.

“Transportability was the next logical step in the evolution of our Sony Dash product line,” said Brennan Mullin, senior vice president of Sony’s personal imaging and audio business. “With a battery, consumers have the freedom to bring Dash from room to room in their home, experiencing the benefits of glanceable, real-time tidbits of information in new and exciting ways.”

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Sony Dash Widget Station Refresh”

  1. These things are going for 90$ today online, do you think any new updates would be available for the CURRENT models.

  2. For $90, it’s worth it just to stream Slacker in the Kitchen! Where’s the deal? Maybe I should blog that too. I imagine Sony will continue to refine their software experience and it’d be most practical to continue on rather than blow it up. But who knows how different the hardware is and if that’s what they’ll choose…

  3. I love my Sony Dash and newly obtained Insignia Infocast (basically a Chumby One at half the price). I am excited to see the updates, especially the battery option that would allow us to move the Dash around the house much more easily. As it stands now, the second it loses power it needs a full reboot.

    I’d also like to see a way to use the Dash even without an internet connection or if it’s having trouble contacting the servers. Right now it just loses its mind if the wifi connection is down.

    Great stuff. I’m sure we’ll see more of this now that people are more comfortable with tech in their kitchens and bedrooms. I got one for my (non-tech savvy) brother for Christmas and he’s fallen in love with it. That means something, eh?

  4. I’d have considered this 2-3 years ago.

    Chumby always seemed higher priced than it should have been to me. I remember it being around $200 and thinking, “You know – this would be something to get if it were $130-150.” Then they released the Chumby One which I thought, “Looks more like a $50 item to me,” and at that time lowered the price of the normal Chumby to about $150 and still left me thinking, “At this point, $99 seems about right for a regular Chumby.”

    This is the device I would have bought 2-3 before buying an iPhone or iPad to replace it. Now I look at it and wonder why I’d ever buy it in the future.

    Last time I checked the Chumby Community Forums it seems like most folks who had been playing with it were moving past it. This was about the time the Sony Dash was announced.

    I really think this product is in it’s twilight.

  5. I’m sorry, was on a plane for the past two days heading back to USA and CA. the deal was at adorama, 99$, with a 10% coupon code. Shipping was 7-10$ USA, not sure if that is still good.

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