Hulu Plus Lands On Sony Dash Widget Station


We knew Sony was going deep with Hulu Plus integration, and today their Internet-connected Dash widget station took the plunge. Fortunately, I’m often slow in returning review items and happen to be one of Hulu’s two dozen Plus subscribers… enabling me to give the new service a spin while on the road.

Registering my account was a pretty simple affair — I could either logon by typing my credentials into the Dash or enter a registration code spawned from the Dash into, which is what I did. Let’s not rehash the Hulu Plus content limitations and inconsistencies (in general and compared to selections from a PC), but suffice to say this lines up with other television-based and mobile Hulu experiences. Up to and including commercial advertisement. The few minutes of video I sampled looked good, quite watchable. Although, I did experience an uncomfortable amount of buffering from the struggling hotel WiFi connection.

As with Hulu Plus, I may be one of a very select few who appreciates what the Sony Dash brings to the table. And though sometimes pitched as an advanced Internet-connected alarm clock, I prefer it in the kitchen as a widget station and “television” of sorts. Hulu Plus certainly advances that notion. Also, since launch, the Dash has seen a number of updates and its resistive touchscreen response has improved. The Dash originally retailed for $200, but Amazon’s offering it for $165 at the moment – which seems decent compared to say the Kodak Pulse digital photo frame (~$110) or HP Dreamscreen ($220) and comes in significantly lower than an iPad.

6 thoughts on “Hulu Plus Lands On Sony Dash Widget Station”

  1. I love the Sony Dash. I’m with you: It’s a great kitchen/dining room widget. The kids love the funky Chumby clocks.

    Hulu on the Dash is great, if only it didn’t cost extra. Oh well.

  2. I guess it could have some value as a “widget station” in a kitchen or similar location. However, I am not completely sold on a non-mobile, 7 inch screen, $170 device. Lose the power cord and drop the price a little and maybe it really becomes interesting. Until then, saving a few more pennies for a tablet seems like a better way to go.

  3. jcm, I didn’t really feel the need for battery power until I dragged it on the road this week. Now I’m wondering how to make it “portable” – wonder if anyone’s hacked a rechargeable battery into/onto it yet.

  4. You could probably power this just fine with one of the Tekkeon external batteries. Comes with all the tips, does 1-12V adjustable. You’ll probably get between 4-8 hours use.

    I’ve got a few of them, they work great.

  5. Dave, when the device was first introduced, I considered it an option kind of as you use it. However, the power cord is really a negative. It limits where exactly you can place the device, has the potential of getting in the way, lacks aesthetic appeal and limits the device’s capability regarding mobility. If Sony only does one thing should they introduce second generation hardware, it should be to lose the cord.

  6. A battery would be great but isn’t required. Though I’d probably use the Dash more if we could move it around the house more easily. Even if it required a plug but didn’t have to reboot every time you unplug it.

    I’d also love to give it as a holiday gift…if it were less expensive. $100 and it would be a killer uber stocking stuffer.

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