Vizio Smart Audio: A Jambox With Android Benefits


In the category of products that may never come to market, but nonetheless inspired us at CES, are the Vizio Smart Audio Android boomboxes. Beyond Vizio’s sharp industrial design and decent sound (which did seem to distort at max volume), wouldn’t you prefer your Jambox-esque device ship with a display? Better, yet, how about directly powering the gadget with full fledged KitKat… allowing music (and video!) options to dwell within the speaker itself. Given Vizio’s portable design and rechargeable battery, perhaps this is a better way to approach the Audrey and Sony Dash¬†widget stations.


Vizio Smart Audio was shown in various colors and two sizes, one featuring a 4.7″ display and the other with 7″ screen (and carrying handle). The touchscreens probably can’t match your high-end smartphone’s responsiveness and resolution, but I could see these Bluetooth speakers serving as a nice kitchen television (via FiOS TV app) or Netflix station for the kids. Frankly, just jamming out to tunes with some killer visualizations (should Vizio choose to provide them) would be pretty sweet. No details on pricing or timing, and given Vizio’s LED story arc, we’re keeping our hopes in check.

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