SDV Tuning Resolver for Vista Media Center?

Ben Drawbaugh at EngadgetHD has some potentially good news for those with CableCARD tuners on Vista Media Center HTPCs. Ben inquired with AMD and CableLabs to see if there was any hope for a “tuning resolver” for VMC. The response was not a emphatic yes, but it was in the words of Drawbaugh a “definite … Read more

Where’s the SDV Tuning Resolver?

So it’s Q2 and I’m probably not the only one wondering where the SDV Tuning Resolver is. If you recall, this product will allow unidrectional CableCARD retail devices to tune switched digital video channels – which would otherwise be unavailable for viewing. It’s unlikely older CableCARD devices like first generation TVs with slots would receive … Read more

Motorola & Cisco SDV Adaptors Approved

The eagerly anticipated (by some) Motorola and Cisco SDV tuning adapters have just been blessed by CableLabs. Originally promised in Q2, there’s still no telling when you’ll actually be able to pick one up and at what cost: Tuning adapters are expected to become available to consumers sometime in the third or fourth quarter of … Read more

Phoenix Cox Customers Getting SDV 7/1; Free Tuning Adapter

Looks like we’ve finally found a cable company with the ability to communicate (SDV). Cox has been notifying Phoenix customers that certain channels will become switched as of 7/1. Impacted homes are offered the option of trading in their CableCARDs for a set-top box rental or waiting for the tuning adapter – no ETA, but … Read more

SDV Tuning Adapters In The Flesh

As promised, Cisco and Motorola SDV tuning adapters are on display at The Cable Show. Mari shot the photo below and EngadgetHD posted several pics of the Motorola SDV tuning resolver in action with a TiVoHD. I’m pleased TiVo customers will shortly (?) see a solution (even if it’s a kludge, bound to cause more … Read more

Cablevision’s Educational SDV Initiative

How do you educate your customers to the perils of switched digital video (SDV) with the current generation of retail CableCARD products? In Cablevision’s case, they’ve started notifying folks that over 15 channels (including Kung Fu HD!) are unavailable via CableCARD – without actually mentioning why. But, hey, who needs a TiVo when you they’ll … Read more

SDV USB Dongle Details Emerge

Mari’s leveraged her Motorola connections and dug up some USB SDV “tuning resolver” details: Working prototype produced in only four months Committed to deployment by end of Q2, 2008 Boxes provided by MSO, pricing undetermined Motorola’s form factor similar to small DCT700 cable box (shown above) Initial implementation does not support VOD, but it could … Read more

Re-upping with the CableCo

While I dig pay television content and broadband, I can’t say I always dig the cable company. Historically, I haven’t had the greatest experiences with things like billing or installs. Those installs, in particular, have been a recurring pain point. With a 25% no-show rate, the possibly high contractor who had to be escorted out … Read more