Cablevision’s Educational SDV Initiative


How do you educate your customers to the perils of switched digital video (SDV) with the current generation of retail CableCARD products? In Cablevision’s case, they’ve started notifying folks that over 15 channels (including Kung Fu HD!) are unavailable via CableCARD – without actually mentioning why. But, hey, who needs a TiVo when you they’ll loan you a HD DVR – free for the first year.

What’s the point of mandated separable security if only a subset of channels are being made available to retail products? Bah! Fortunately, a tuning resolver is on the way… However, consumer education will continue to be a challenge. And have I mentioned recently that I’m not interested in more boxes?

4 thoughts on “Cablevision’s Educational SDV Initiative”

  1. It’s worse than that, they are not loaning an HD DVR for a year… it is just an ‘HD Cable Box’.

  2. Not all unidirectional devices can use a use a USB dongle. What’s the solution for these customers?

    The FCC needs to mandate “clear QAM” extended basic. SDV should only by allowed for PPV and ala carte programming.

  3. It’s all about timing, isn’t it? Most cable customers won’t have SDV in their systems terribly soon (Comcast has said only 20% of its footprint by year’s end), and the tuning resolver is due to at least some operators in June (last I heard). It is stinky, but hopefully not too many folks will have to deal with the issue.

  4. Got that post card in the mail yesterday. Heard it’s gonna be in effect sometime in mid April. There is suppose to be a SDV adapter for the TiVo. Of course you will need to get this from Cablevision…..$$$$. This is what I’ve been reading at least.

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