Phoenix Cox Customers Getting SDV 7/1; Free Tuning Adapter

Dave Zatz —  June 2, 2008

Looks like we’ve finally found a cable company with the ability to communicate (SDV). Cox has been notifying Phoenix customers that certain channels will become switched as of 7/1. Impacted homes are offered the option of trading in their CableCARDs for a set-top box rental or waiting for the tuning adapter – no ETA, but an attractive price of zero dollars.

Notice to TiVo Series 3 and TiVo HD owners: Cox, along with others in the cable industry, has worked with TiVo lnc to develop an external device called a Tuning Adapter that will allow TiVo Series 3 and TiVo HD devices using CableCARDs to access channels delivered via SDV. Availability of the Tuning Adapter is expected later this year. At that time additional information will be sent to you. TheTuning Adapter will be provided by Cox at no charge. In the interim, continued access to channels delivered via SDV is available with a Cox digital set top receiver.

Read this doc on Scribd: Cox Tuning Resolver

(Thanks, Rob!)

6 responses to Phoenix Cox Customers Getting SDV 7/1; Free Tuning Adapter

  1. Thanks Dave,

    In all, Cox is adding/moving about 51 channels to SDV. All of them are standard definition (for now), mostly made up of Spanish language, public safety, and a few sports channels.

  2. I hope this is an indication that other cable companies (like Comcast) are going to give these adapters to customers for free. Let just hope that they come out with this before most companies go to the SDV route.

  3. I received a second almost identical letter from Cox on September 10, 2008. When I called today, October 18th, I spoke with 7 different Cox technicians in video, billing, and sales. They have no idea what a tuning adapter is. They couldn’t even find a copy of the letter I was holding in my hand. Since February I have been struggling with Cox over Cable Card issues and now I don’t receive channels I pay for. It has been a ridiculous situation.

  4. i find myself in this same position with cox communications, they have no idea!, i finally got a hold of someone that is aware of this and he stated that they are still field testing and that should be out by the end of the year, but i still find myself paying for channels i can not receive due to TIVO not supporting SDV. I called Tivo and they did nothing but say “they have no control over it” which you would think they would at least assist with field testing to make sure all there customers have this “tuning adapter” before this happened or better yet assist now to help get it faster, but that is a big NO. makes me think, do i really want to keep tivo or not? yes the have great features, but those not help if the channel i want to see i not available because of this tuner. Not sure what to do,
    i can ask to please keep calling COX, and ask for a supervisor in Tech support, and maybe just maybe the can get these things out to all TIvo users asap.

  5. I have the Tivo HD in Scottsdale. The only time that I have any issues is on Sunday afternoon, when bandwidth is low, a couple HD channels stop working. The Tivo seems to know when it is a problem, as it won’t change to the channel. Otherwise, I get ALL my HD channels, including HBO and Showtime on my Tivo.

    I almost returned the Tivo, when Cox came out to install the CableCard the installer told me that there was a problem, and no channel over 100 would work. All the HD’s are in the 700’s and he told me that they wouldn’t work. He plugged in the card, and EVERYTHING worked great, except ON DEMAND. I don’t know about other cities but the ON DEMAND in my area hardly works, and is jittery and sluggish.

    I AM 99% happy with my Tivo, and with the tuning adapter I will never look back.


  6. The Traveling Cook December 23, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    Here I sit, four cable cards and two Series 3’s, wondering. But my tech who came out to examine why I’ve been getting skips and (very oddly!) jumps in my HD programming said he was aware of the SDV change, the Tuning Adapters, and the fact that most of the SDV channels were low-probability requested anyway (like was stated above, a lot of Spanish language and public service channels). Good to know the tech was educated on the situation, but in case I’m missing something … isn’t the end of the year only a few days away?