How Will Apple Distribute Its Original Content?

As Apple's original video production costs reportedly balloon past a billion and given recent music video app consolidation, I wonder what sort…

March 29, 2018

YouTube TV Adding Turner Channels (and raising prices)

According to Buzzfeed, tomorrow YouTube TV will expand it's over-the-top television service to include Turner channels -- and, beyond the…

February 13, 2018

AirTV To Repurpose Legacy Slingbox Hardware

By way of AFTVNews, we learn that DISH went back to the well. AirTV was originally conceptualized as a network…

December 14, 2017

Google To Remove YouTube From Amazon Fire TV

December 6, 2017

Channel Master Preps OTA Android TV Streamer

By way of Twitter, we gather Channel Master has licensed the Technicolor Skipper and is poised to introduce it as…

November 22, 2017

Amazon To Expand Fire TV Lineup

Taking a page from Roku, Amazon appears poised to expand their Fire TV streaming lineup from two models to three streamers.…

September 6, 2017

Digital Media Bytes

A periodic roundup of relevant news... Comcast Appears to Soft Launch First 4K DVR Dish Network is quietly putting Android…

May 24, 2017

AirTV arrives… without OTA guide integration

In what one customer suggests "feels like a bait & switch," AirTV has shipped without its primary selling point enabled. Instead…

January 19, 2017