Amazon To Expand Fire TV Lineup

Taking a page from Roku, Amazon appears poised to expand their Fire TV streaming lineup from two models to three streamers. In addition to the current generation Fire TV Stick ($40), AFTVNews suspects two new models will ultimately replace the existing second generation Fire TV box: At the higher end ($100? $120?), Amazon appears to be prepping a 4K streamer, with dedicated GPU, to bring 60fps and HDR for the first time. While a new offering mid-tier offering ($60, $70?) will serve 4K to the masses. Meanwhile Apple will likely announce a 4K box next week, perhaps with 4K iTunes and hardware pricing improvements to better compete in light of their $1b original programming initiative, and Roku will soon unveil a beefed up 4K Streaming Stick. With this upcoming round of fall updates, I’m hopeful Amazon and Apple also bring more powerful gaming capabilities to the table as an alternative to the bloated Xbox and Playstation experiences.

6 thoughts on “Amazon To Expand Fire TV Lineup”

  1. By the way, Amazon has done a great job of keeping the original Fire TV updated and it was clearly specced out well. Was originally released spring of 2014 and is still a great streamer to this day.

  2. I’ll bet Amazon lowers the price of the Stick to $29 to compete directly against Roku’s entry-level unit. Wonder when we’ll see Amazon finally take their Amazon Channels concept to its logical conclusion and offer their own skinny bundle of live streaming channels (integrated directly into the Fire TV UI) to compete against Sling, AT&T, Hulu, Sony, etc? Their own cloud is already powering a lot of those guys.

  3. I don’t find navigating or controlling them very efficient and it seems like we’re getting to a processing power point where these smaller form factor boxes may be able to sufficiently handle decent gaming. Also thinking in terms of Amazon’s gaming studio and Twitch – I assume they’d want even more potential eyeballs.

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