This Is The Arlo Video Doorbell

After breaking the news that Arlo would release a full fledged video doorbell variant, I’m pleased to inform you that release is imminent… and obviously pictured above. As we said in June, Arlo is poised to rectify this [audio-only doorbell] oversight with a real video doorbell […] with 2MP Full HD video quality, wide field-of-view … Read more

This Is The Arlo Pro 3

Arlo pre-announced the Arlo Pro 3 on Twitter this week… without actually naming it. So, as I’m wont to do, I went ahead and tracked it down. While, at first glance, it looks a whole lot like the Arlo Ultra, there are some distinct differences: Done and done. đź’Ş At first blush, Arlo Pro 3 … Read more

Samsung Takes On Nest With SmartThings Camera

As a brand spanking new indoor Nest camera passes through the FCC, a tipster has provided imagery of an upcoming Samsung video cam. And, unlike prior generations, they’re going with “SmartThings” branding. However, this smart home space is increasingly crowded with great options – from upper echelon connected cams, like Arlo and Nest, on one … Read more

Eero flags new network devices via push notification

Having been through numerous mesh WiFi products over the past couple of years, I finally settled on eero at the beginning of 2018 and haven’t looked back. Eero continues to update not only their internal router firmware, but also their controller apps for iOS and Android. The latest update brings a fairly useful feature, push … Read more

Philips Adds Motion Sensor To Hue Lighting Ecosystem


Good news, folks! Motion sensing triggers will soon be available to further trick out our Philips Hue lighting installations, without complicating matters with yet another hub and ecosystem — like Smartthings. From the FCC submission, we glean the Philips Hue Motion Sensor (with ambient light sensor) is both battery-powered and Zigbee-endowed. While we’d typically expect an accessory like this to be fueled by a watch battery, an overseas retailer Alza indicates a pair of common AAA batteries will be required — conceivably reinforcing what looks to be a 2×2″ profile. Further, the description indicates a 100 degree field of view over 5 meters. And, if we use their pricing as a guide, we should expect the Hue Motion Sensor to land somewhere in the $40-60 range when it hits within the next few weeks.

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Digital Media Bytes

Comcast Announces new Xfinity remote with voice control You don’t have to learn a new language or speak like a robot. Just press the blue button, say what you want to watch and it appears on screen. It’s easy, just like watching TV should be. JetBlue to Offer Amazon Prime Members Free Wi-Fi to Stream … Read more

Digital Media Bytes

SmartThings iOS app adds Apple Watch capabilities The fact that this update is coming to the iOS app for Apple Watch “further highlights SmartThings and Samsung’s commitment to an open platform,” The team behind SmartThings have released the SmartThings iOS app version 1.7.3 with Apple Watch integration. Cable Cozies Up to TiVo & OTT What … Read more

Wink Relay, Another Flawed Quirky Product


Back in September, Wink announced the addition of Relay to their ever growing lineup of home automation products. The Relay is a wall mounted touch screen device that connects to your Wink home automation system and is powered by an Android variant. It features Wifi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth communication protocols, but missing are the Z-Wave and Lutron ClearConnect capabilities included in the original Wink Hub. For $300, you might reasonably expect that that the Relay could replace the Wink Hub. Alas, not.

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