Eero flags new network devices via push notification

Having been through numerous mesh WiFi products over the past couple of years, I finally settled on eero at the beginning of 2018 and haven’t looked back. Eero continues to update not only their internal router firmware, but also their controller apps for iOS and Android.

The latest update brings a fairly useful feature, push notifications. Whenever a new device is detected on the network, a notification will be sent to the eero app so you can take action, whether that’s blocking the device or renaming it. Eero also recently updated their app to support iPads. The company continues to take small steps which add up over time to be the best WiFi mesh system around.

2 thoughts on “Eero flags new network devices via push notification”

  1. XFinity routers also send push notifications to the XFinity app when a new device connects to your network for the first time (presumably when it requests an IP address from the DHCP server).

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