This Is The Arlo Pro 3

Arlo pre-announced the Arlo Pro 3 on Twitter this week… without actually naming it. So, as I’m wont to do, I went ahead and tracked it down. While, at first glance, it looks a whole lot like the Arlo Ultra, there are some distinct differences:

Unsubstantiated rumors suggest the Pro 3 will see a resolution bump to 2K, along with a brighter LED than Ultra and improved, possibly full duplex audio. Should we see those higher resolutions, I could imagine a realignment of the non-Pro and Pro models to better differentiate the tiers. For example, perhaps the Pro will increase to 1080p. As to Apple HomeKit support, it appears the Pro 3 will ship with the same basestation as the Ultra… which is still awaiting integration. The good news is that all will be revealed in just a few short days.

UDAPTE: Twitter crowdsourcing has panned out, thanks to to itson98888843 who uncovered an Australian merchant’s product page. 2K video resolution is confirmed and “superior” two-way audio gets a shout out above. Field of view is a nice 160 degrees, but down form the Ultra’s 180, and likely why the lens looks less bulbous.

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  1. So question whether these will be backward compatible with Arlo Pro2 and have access to the “free” 7-day video access.

    Or whether they will be in the “Ultra” category and require the purchase of a plan for most features

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