Watching Flip Video on Roku via USB

I think we’ve finally found a solid use for Roku’s limited USB support… My buddy Tim has been struggling to find an efficient way to pipe his Flip UltraHD videos to the television and his first stop was the Xbox. And, for whatever reason, his 360 delivered stuttering 720p video when the Flip was directly … Read more

Roku Refreshes Hardware Lineup (XD)

As expected, Roku’s unveiling a slightly refreshed media streaming hardware lineup this fall. The new XD and XD|S join the original HD model, while the SD and HD-XR are put to pasture. But instead of spelling it out in paragraph form, take a gander at this handy comparison chart (click to enlarge):

Basically, the higher-end XD and XDS models improve upon the HD unit with 802.11n and 1080p playback and display¬†capabilities – how ya like them 720p Apples now? Kidding aside, not many streaming services utilize 1080p. Yet? Additionally, the XD|S features component output via an optional accessory cable, optical audio,¬†dual band wireless connectivity for greater range, and a USB port of still limited value. I’m told the XD and XDS guts are quite similar to the also USB-equipped HD-XR from the prior lineup. But the exterior looks somewhat different…

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FCC Reveals New Roku XD and Netgear Roku XD

Once again the FCC has given us a sneak peek of gadgets to come. Bloggers over at Wireless Goodness (via Engadget) have found listings for a Roku XD and a Netgear Roku XD. No official word on what these boxes are designed to do yet, but we can only assume that whole-home networking is part … Read more

5 Tips and Tricks: USB Video on the Roku

One of the big selling points for the XR version of the Roku is the addition of a USB port. And although there’s no official Roku support for USB video playback yet, there is a private USB channel available thanks to citizen-coder Nowhereman. (Submit your own channel in Roku’s developer contest by September 7th.) The … Read more

Flixster HD Movie Trailers Hit Roku

Roku’s latest partner app comes via Flixster, who many of us probably recognize from our mobile devices.¬†The first cut of the Flixster Roku channel is all about HD movie trailers. And they sure look much better than the lower res and possibly swiped (given the weird resolutions and overlays) trailers provided by Break. Trailers have … Read more

Roku To Award Developers $35,000

While the Roku channels keep flowing, the company has launched a competition to stimulate and reward the developer community. The winner of each category (above, click to enlarge) wins a cool $5,000. Plus, the grand champion will receive an additional $5k. Potential entrants have about two months to produce their app(s), followed by a period … Read more

NBA lands on Roku, NHL on Boxee

Good things are happening in the over-the-top sporting video realm this week. Boxee and the NHL have launched a port of the GameCenter Live computer-based video streaming service. Like MLB.TV, a subscription ($20/mo or $80/yr) is required and grants you access to all of the (out of market) hockey – games, live or archived. Of … Read more

DVPRemote App Gets Virtual Roku Keyboard

DVPRemote, the 99 cent app that turns your iPhone into a virtual Roku remote control, has recently been updated to version 1.4. New in this release is a QWERTY keyboard, which greatly simplifies text entry as developer Phil Irey demos above. Roku’s WiFi interface doesn’t actually include hooks for individual keys, so DVPRemote has essentially … Read more