Roku Preps Firmware & UI Updates (v2.8)

Dave Zatz —  October 29, 2010

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I didn’t make it to NYC last night for the ShowStoppers press event. However, ZNF ally Brad Linder (Liliputing, Mobiputing) did. And I had him scout out the Roku table for signs of Hulu Plus. While all he thought he had uncovered was an app placeholder, he actually photographed a very significant UI update that hasn’t been reported on.

From what I can gather, under the yet-to-be-released software version 2.8, the Channel Store (above) will inherit an interface that’s quite similar to Roku’s updated Netflix experience — making much better use of screen real estate. Other areas of the UI appear to have some slight visual and functional updates as well. For example, as you can see in the photo below, Roku is pushing down some sort of fall homescreen theme and I’m told we’ll be able to re-order our applications.

Lastly, there’s been rumors that DLNA support might make an appearance this fall. But no one from Roku’s talking, so we just don’t know if that feature will (finally) flesh out the device for LAN playback.

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Thanks, Brad!

6 responses to Roku Preps Firmware & UI Updates (v2.8)

  1. The update can’t be too far away if Roku felt good enough to put v2.8 on display last night…

  2. Dave, are you basing your DLNA rumors on the comment engadget made in their XD/S review? Or have your heard the rumor via independent source? I’m just curious b/c so far engadget are the only ones that have gotten Roku to say anything about DLNA.

    On the roku forums all they have said in the past was that they were investigating it.

  3. A combination of the forum mentions, the Engadget mention, and some conversations I had quite awhile ago that alluded to the possibility of local streaming. So, no – I’ve got nothing concrete, which is why I say rumor. Perhaps they have some beta testers willing to fill us in…

  4. Well DLNA is already available through the PlayOn private channel. I have been enjoying it for more than a month I believe.