No DLNA Support From Roku (In November)

Bummer… Roku hardware is clearly posed for an update next month, but the oft-requested and rumored DNLA playback isn’t in the cards. Not yet anyway.

To address the rumors, there is no DLNA coming in November. We don’t comment on unannounced/unreleased featured, generally. We realized that there’s a set of users that wants DLNA functionality and perhaps at some point we will offer it. We have added SSDP, the discovery protocol used by UPnP/DLNA to help enable developer of network-based control and automation apps to discover Roku player on the local network. That may have been a source of confusion.

(Thanks Phil & John!)

4 thoughts on “No DLNA Support From Roku (In November)”

  1. Enough with DLNA stuff.
    With my hacked AppleTV all I need to do is point the Boxxee or XMBC app to a shared drive on the network that has media files and it will play it. No DLNA needed.
    I wish GoogleTV as well as would have had the ability to do this without a DLNA server.

  2. @Andrew: The point is DLNA can allow media browsing and media streaming on many existing home networks and do it with minimal configuration or effort.

    I don’t want to hack an AppleTV, and I’m not sure I want to install Roksbox, etc. on my Linux media server. I’m busy enough. I want this to just work.

    I just bought a new Roku a few weeks ago. If I knew that the Apple TV was so cheap, I might have bought that instead, and could serve up media from my iTunes on my Windows boxes.

  3. I have a fix for DNLA and its easy

    Go to (download the beta version) as of 01/20/11

    its easy to setup…not like the others mentioned earlier

    Download software
    find the file or files that you need to share

    oh yeah you need to get the channel..its a beta channel for gabby
    It gives you a warning about the page is not certified…but it works fine

    So far so go for me…I just downloaded tonight as was able to watch downloaded video from my harddrive

    Let me know how it works for you

    Macon GA

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