Wyze Smart Lock 2 Includes Fingerprint Reader

Wyze, the low-cost gadget distributor, continues to crank away on new products and hardware updates. And next up for a makeover is the Wyze Smart Lock.

Whereas the first version was basically a retrofit sold alongside a small $20 keypad accessory, the next gen Wyze Smart Lock v2 comes bundled with both a deadbolt and outdoor keypad – in lieu of one’s existing deadbolt, outside lock housing, and keyed entry cylinder.

Beyond the numeric entry buttons, the Wyze Smart Lock 2’s flagship feature feature may be the front and center fingerprint reader. While Wyze has yet to utilize this approach, they have been working on similar with overseas partner Lockin for the upcoming Wyze lockbox/gunsafe.

Beyond the tech, the new Wyze Lock a bit taller than it’s predecessor (possibly requiring an additional installation screw), with the four AA batteries more sensibly collocated up top, vs around the perimeter. Additionally, the company looks to introduce a more sculpted appearance and adult homeowner finish (black/bronze) compared to the existing Playskool silver block lock.

Speaking of those batteries and power requirements, while Bluetooth connectivity is confirmed, there’s no indication yet that the Wyze Smart Lock v2 will directly incorporate WiFi like, say, the latest August smartlock. So a plug-in WiFi bridge, as seen with the original Wyze Lock, may be in the cards to extend app and routine control to Alexa, beyond the home, etc.

No word yet as to Wyze Lock v2 release timing or pricing but, given the additions, I expect it to come in at least $30 higher than the existing lock.

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  1. My teenager will be disappointed if I upgrade to this one. They have never bothered to make a pin for the original and they still use their key to get in. lol

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