New Wyze Products On The Way

Freshly infused with cash, the Amazon Basics of IoT and Health gadgetry is back with a variety of new and refreshed products (and the end of free shipping). I’ll start by saying Wyze appears to have a whole lotta stuff in the pipeline. Much of it seems relatively minor, but here’s a taste of some of the more interesting items (imo) to come.

As you can see by the featured image, a far less frumpy doorbell in en route. Like it’s predecessor, the new Wyze Video Doorbell is a hard-wired affair (although I’m old a battery-powered model is also in the works). And, speaking of home wiring, here we have an upcoming smart light switch with a touchable (and pressable) surface.

In a new category, with an old partner, the Wyze Lockbox (aka gun safe) can be unlocked via fingerprint or numeric PIN. Or possibly in the freezer.

Lastly, a smarter Wyze scale would like to say hello.

4 thoughts on “New Wyze Products On The Way”

  1. I already have a camara up high where it can not be reached. Why would I want one you would have to press on that would be easy to break? Can I get a non-video doorbell that works with Alexa?

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