GE To Launch A Thousand Connected Filament Bulbs

OK. So maybe it’s not really a thousand. But, by way of the FCC, we learn GE is prepping no fewer than seven smart filament-style bulbs in various shapes and sizes, including candelabra and globe. The regulatory filings indicate they utilize both WiFi and Bluetooth, as my Cree lighting does; Some are soft white, and some are color-capable.

While draft manuals simply refer to these as “connected” I expect them to launch under the Cync shingle, alongside Alexa and Google Assistant integration… but don’t expect HomeKit support.

No word on pricing or timing. But, with CES just weeks away, I expect we’ll hear something soon about these Cync filament bulbs… and the Cync smart thermostat.

2 thoughts on “GE To Launch A Thousand Connected Filament Bulbs”

  1. The Candelabra bulb would be interesting. I haven’t seen a smart bulb in that format. Currently I use the GE/Cync no neutral converter, but its finicky. With no neutral and low wattage bulbs you need to use their adapter to cut out blinking, but its a full base adapter. My workaround is to use one non-led bulb in the Candelabra which has a higher (wasteful) wattage.

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