GE Cync Smart Thermostat En Route

As foreshadowed at CES, GE Lighting is preparing a smart thermostat under its newly minted ‘Cync’ shingle. And, by way of Lowe’s and the Cync app, additional details (via pretty pictures) reveal themselves as we close in on launch.

Box art indicates the Cync Smart Thermostat will be voice controllable via both Alexa and Google. While product details on the Lowe’s product page suggest Apple Homekit is also in the mix, I have my doubts and suspect most of the details are generic placeholders.

Based on available imagery, it appears the t-stat takes on fairly traditional dimensions and is affixed the wall via two Phillips head screws. While the screen may not be multicolor, it nevertheless displays a wealth of information (vs Wyze’s minimalistic entry). As with ecobee (and now Nest), those without a C-wire will be able to utilize a magnetically affixed power adaptor to send more power over an existing wire.

It’s unclear if the GE Smart Thermostat will utilize the line’s existing motion sensor for presence detection and/or newer temperature sensors à la ecobee.

2 thoughts on “GE Cync Smart Thermostat En Route”

  1. This company and its products are a hard pass. I’m advising you based on 1st hand and 5 years worth of experience with its lighting and switch products that they are the worst implementation of smart home devices. Avoid the headache and just move on …

  2. Aaron, can you elaborate? I will be getting a sneak peak of this prior to launch and curious to know others thoughts on it’s future.

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