Yes, Walmart’s Android TV Remote Controls Chromecast with Google TV

Over on our “who’s streaming with what” thread, Ken F wondered if he might be able to co-opt the remote control from the new Walmart onn Android TV streamer ($30) for his Chromecast with Google TV ($50). Well, it turns out AFTVNews has already conducted this comparison. And the short answer is: YES. However, there are some notable caveats to be aware of and, depending what functions Ken or others are seeking, it may not pan out as desired.

While most onn buttons work as expected on the Chromecast, the tv, settings, and app shortcut buttons are currently non-functional. Seems like tv and settings might be meaningfully mapped by Google at some point and perhaps the Button Remapper app can provide some assistance.

Beyond the basics, the more concerning elements initially are related to television IR control. As detailed by AFTVNews:

If you have the original Chromecast remote already configured to control your TV, those IR controls will automatically be programmed onto the G10 remote when the G10 remote is paired to the Chromecast. […] The issue with the Chromecast and the G10 remote is if you do not have the original Chromecast remote at all. In that case, you have no way to configure the G10’s TV control buttons.

In any event, I lament the lack of a dedicated play/pause button from onn, TiVo Stream 4k, and Google itself since app providers remain inconsistent with their center button functionality. While it does seem a bit more predictable since Chromecast with Google TV launched, I’m relatively content with my SHIELD TV remote.

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  1. The brand name for this actually has two ‘n’ characters rather than two ‘o’ characters, e.g. ‘onn’

  2. Thanks Ian. I wrote this before having coffee then corrected it twice earlier today, but it continues to revert. Also the post originally published with an incorrect date. My CMS is jacked up at the moment it seems. Fun times.

  3. There is a play/pause button, the circle in the middle, the “select/enter” button is your play/pause button just like on the Google TV remote.

  4. Kevin, not all app designers use it that way. Or at least, not with initial click. It’s a multifunction button and they’re seemingly free to do what they want. HOWEVER, as I said, it’s gotten much better since initial release (and I’ve owned since launch).

    M G, some have expressed interest in getting additional buttons for their Chromecast with Google TV by way of the remote that Walmart is bundling. And, as a Google reference design, I’m hoping things like the settings button are eventually mapped across the board.

  5. Tom, I have one and it supports TV power. I think there is an option for sound bar as well. I will double check tonight, but I can’t test the two together.

    All, I paired the remote with my TS4k and it worked fine (probably can’t program the TV IR stuff though). The special buttons were hit and miss. The TV button is actually the same as the TS4k Guide button and the and recognized by Button Mapper as 172 (Guide). On the Onn device, the button brings up a screen wanting you to install YTTV (Button Mapper doesn’t override this behavior). The Bookmark button is recognized as 174 (Bookmark). The settings button couldn’t be picked up by button mapper and it didn’t work on the TS4k. I didn’t try the app buttons with Button Mapper, but they weren’t functional on the TS4k out of the gate.

    From my experience with the Onn device, I don’t think it is quite ready for prime time due to volume issues. I also had a few problems getting it to control my TV, but I was able to fix that by deleting the settings that it put in during initial setup, re-adding, and switching to IR. Hopefully it won’t take them long to get that sorted out.

    If anyone cares, the Walmart site said they were in stock in my local store, so I dropped by to pick one up. I couldn’t find it, so I asked and they brought one out of the stock room for me.

  6. Tom,
    I couldn’t tell for sure if it supported Sound bar power or not. It definitely doesn’t do both TV power and Sound Bar power at the same time. Basically, you can add devices. Then assign one device each to Power, Input, and Volume. I didn’t try through all the sound bar options. I tried it on my Sonos and it didn’t give me power as an option, but I don’t think the Sonos supports power like that.

  7. Im using the Onn. remote with the CCWGTV, works great and better than the original remote. The Tivo Stick remote worked but was wonky and lots of latency.

    Button mapper does not work with the 4 sponsored buttons on the bottom, No biggiw

  8. You can download Android TV app from the app store, to control the set up if you don’t have a Google with cromecast remote.

  9. Do the volume buttons and channel up and down buttons work with Chromecast with Google TV? Was hoping to use it with the Channels DVR app.

  10. Because the “actual remote” sucks unless your hand is the size of a child. This looks promising, thanks.

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